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Maria Soledad Vela, who is helping to rewrite Ecuador’s constitution, wants to include that “women should have the right to make free, responsible and informed decisions about sex lives.”
Veronica on why you should know who Lorena Ochoa is, but probably don’t.
I highly recommend this piece by Betsy Reed in The Nation about Hillary Clinton and institutional feminism. Ta-Nehisi Coates adds, “As a guy who’s long felt that civil rights-era black leadership has lost the moral high ground, I get where she’s coming from.”
Manohla Dargis on the state of women directors and actors in Hollywood. Also check out Women Make Movies.
The Coup Magazine offers some steps toward ending the violence (particularly the violence against women) in the Democratic Republic of Congo — and also notes there’s a new Amnesty International report on women, HIV/AIDS and violence in South Africa.
On those deceptive robocalls by Women’s Voices, Women’s Vote.
Latoya quotes Joan Morgan on hip-hop and feminism and racial solidarity.
Check out all the great Blog Against Disablism posts.
Does Obama support parental consent laws?
A day in the life of a feminist high-school student. (via Lauredhel)
Alice Walker on Clinton, Obama, and womanism.
What a horrible headline: “Testimony starts in manslaughter trial of woman who cried ‘rape’.” Astraea has a great post responding to this news story — and an update noting the woman was convicted.
On the depressingly high maternal mortality rate in Afghanistan. (via)
Carmen at Racialicious on the “reality” TV show Miss Rap Supreme.
Scientific American has an article on subliminal stereotyping.
On marginalization, exoticism, and a South Asian adaptation of the Vagina Monologues.
Secondhandsally reacts to that Esquire cover featuring Jessica Simpson shaving (a takeoff on their 1960s-era cover that featured Marilyn Monroe Virna Lisi in a similar pose).
Prof BW has a list of Feminist Reading Tools for Recognizing and Countering Racism.
Actions and Events
On Tuesday, COLOR (Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights) is hosting an event to oppose the defeat the deceptively named “Human Life Amendment.�
May 8-11 is the Willie Mae-ra-thon in NYC to benefit the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls!
Click here to support the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA).

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