Happy 30th Birthday Samhita!

Samhita looks 30 dead in the face. And kills it.
To my dear Sami, who I met when I was just a wee Women’s Studies student at SUNY Albany. You are one radical bitch. I hope your 30th birthday brings you lots of love, young men, and booze. Oh yeah, and activism and all that.
Since you’re the first of the Feministing crew to age out of your twenties…I dedicate this Menudo song to you.

Much love, lady.

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  • EG

    Happy Birthday, Samhita!

  • annajcook

    Many happy returns of the day :)

  • madonna85

    Happy b-day Samhita!
    you rock
    enjoy the day :)

  • Carrie

    Happy Birthday
    30s are the best!!!

  • AbbieNormal

    Happy birthday Samhita! Party like a feminist.

  • Samhita

    OMG, Menudo. Where do you come up with this shit Jess?

  • http://hamsterdoom.blogspot.com/ Nazrafel

    Happy Birthday Samhita!! Keep on rockin’!! (though not sure if it should be to Menudo…wow, just had a bad 80’s hair flashback…arrrrrgh)

  • allegra

    LOL. Love your blog posts, Samhita. Though I love all the posts, of course. But yours might be some of my favorites!

  • http://chantillys.etsy.com/ chantilly

    happy barfday to yoooou

  • kirjava

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • ALB

    in honor of your birthday, i just attempted to emulate the dance in the street. i was doing okay until i tried that spin-really-fast-in-the-air move that is repeated throughout the video. i’m having some trouble landing on my feet. so there you are, your very own flawed rendition of Menudo!

  • Faerylore

    Happy birthday!

  • Loc-Nar

    Oh snap, Samhita, it’s my birthday too (me, a long time reader but never commenter). Woo go us.

  • http://www.pandagon.net Amanda Marcotte

    Well to your 30s. You will find that it rawks. With an “aw” for “awwwwww shit this is awwwwwwesome.”

  • thewellofemoness

    Hapy Birthday!

  • http://lifeaftergonzales.blogspot.com Elise

    Happy Birthday, Samhita!
    In just a few days, I’ll be staring thirty in the face myself :)

  • Mina

    Happy birthday! :)

  • Alison

    You get to party with a tiny Ricky Martin on your birthday?! Jealous!

  • MoodyStarr

    Oh, no! I hope that Menudo video ins’t a clue that you’ll be kicked off feministing, as members of Menudo were kicked out of the group once they turned a certain age!
    Happy birthday!

  • Peepers

    The thirties, I think, are tranformational. Welcome to ‘em, Samhita!

  • Peepers

    The thirties, I think, are transformational. Welcome to ‘em, Samhita!

  • st3ph

    Happy Birthday, Samhita!

  • CourtneyEMartin

    Happy happy birthday woman! I hope you are just now recovering.

  • http://majikthise.typepad.com Lindsay Beyerstein

    Happy birthday, Samhita!

  • http://woc-unity.blospot.com Malaika924

    Much love, Samhita!
    Happy Birthday!