You and your shame-cave!

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  • LittlePunk

    Wow! I was going to suggest you post this, I just watched it and though it was hilarious. God-stick and shame-cave. Priceless.

  • amanda

    as usual, Jon’s got it.
    It’s also great to see Shelby Knox not only testifying before Congress, but again on the Daily Show. all the more props to her for continuing to voice opposition to abstinence-only education.

  • RoseColoredGlasses

    I don’t know what to think, but I definitely do not think abstinence only sex ed. is right…for ex. Florida teenagers who think bleach causes abortions..geez…teach these kids something other than “don’t do it”…

  • IncendiaryCat

    I laughed so hard at this segment. One of the best Daily Show bits that I’ve ever seen. Especially loved the appearance of a pregnant Samantha Bee at the end, as well as Jason declaring her “unclean”.

  • Carrie

    I never fully understood the abstinence-only theory b/c when *is* the right time to teach sex? The night before they get married?
    If people are having sex for at least 2/3rds of their lives, why focus lessons on the first 1/3rd…which is nearly over by high school.

  • FeministLawProf

    My intelectual reaction to this is:
    You should post a warning about watching at work – it could be result it prolonged outbursts of laughter. Dirty toothbrush is the best!
    But beyond the laughter, it’s kind of sad that people think this is what passes for sex education.

  • Ninapendamaishi

    Hmm… At my sister’s school, they told her about the “dirty, no longer sticky Miss Tape” instead… Grr.

  • zoelawgirl

    i second FeministLawProf– i just bust out laughing in the library

  • biancamarisa

    In at least one Arkansas school, they rely on the old you are a petal-less flower analogy if you have premarital sex, or maybe you lose a petal each time…anti-intellectual either way.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    My mother’s sex ed was a book called Prayers to Purity that said that her husband would “share a wonderful secret” with her on their wedding night. So, no, you’re off by 24 hours. When my grandmother was being raised on a farm, the girls were kept indoors with shuttered windows during mating season.
    @Ninapendamaishi: I don’t understand what that means. Please explain. I’m fascinated by school-promoted propaganda.

  • chanticorae

    i was wondering when you were going to post this. i could not stop laughing last night.

  • Cha-el-see

    I’m glad you posted this. I saw this last night too and considered suggesting it. Hilarious as usual.

  • Karmakaze

    @Spider Jerusalem – see this post to learn about sticky tape —

  • Katxyz

    @Spider Jerusalem Re: Dirty Tape.
    You know how if you stick a piece of tape to multiple objects, it becomes dirty and useless and the only thing you can do with it is ball it up and toss it in the garbage?
    Your body works in the same way, according to some abstinence “educators.”

  • dragonfly88

    I love Jon Stewart…really.
    I tried fighting the ab-only sex ed at my teens’ school, but I was basically accused of wanting my kids to be promiscuous because I dared to suggest that they should be given facts, not b.s. (condoms don’t work, don’t get the HPV vaccine–just don’t have sex, etc.).
    There is virtually nothing parents can do. I called Planned Parenthood, but other then publishing a rather mild letter to the editor of the local paper, nothing was done and nothing has changed.

  • PixelFish

    In Mormonland, we had multiple metaphors: the chewed stick of gum, the unwrapped candy, the bruised and plucked rose, and at some point, my friend was subjected to a bad apples and oranges metaphor. None of this was taught at school though–just church. At school, we just had run-of-the-mill sex ed that was Don’t Do This But If You Do, Use Condoms. No gay sex, mind you, was broached. And we did have a point where we could submit anonymous questions on white flash cards about the differences between oral and anal sex. Woohoo!

  • MLEmac

    I have been in love with Jon Stewart since I was 16. I’m going to go dry hump my pillow now and pretend it’s him…….wow TMI.

  • Sappho

    Since this is Feministing…I’d just like to point out that Jon Stewart’s show is once again painfully white-male dominated.
    He’s really funny. And this clip was hilarious and clever and great.
    But it’s really a shame he has so few women as guests or participants or talking heads. I don’t want to discount Samantha Bee either, who is also hilarious and talented. But she’s very tokenized for being the only woman ever on the show.
    So, sorry. I don’t mean to squash the parade, I just get annoyed about it. It’s still funny and clever and a great show.

  • Leela

    I actually attended the hearing… Jon Stewart’s compilation was nearly as informative as sitting through the whole four or so hours. Thanks.

  • Chelsa

    Yeah, I saw this one last night and almost peed myself. Wicked way to put it, Jon.

  • miffedkit

    Carrie: I got married last year after 10 years of cohabitation and premarital sex. In the package with my marriage license? Yup… information about contraception and STIs. Clearly, the night before the wedding is the best time for “the talk.”

  • acranom

    Sappho, good point. I think we can all love and enjoy the Daily Show and still be able to point out its flaws. I think we can also look at it and find it comforting to find allies in the white male group, which is good.
    I love Samantha Bee. Seriously, she’ll be one funny and good mom. (With well informed kids, I bet!)

  • Misspelled

    I just about had a liberal, secular orgasm at the godstick/shamecave line.
    As other have said, the Daily Show kinds of misses the feminist boat a lot of the time, so it’s nice when the get something right. Even if this isn’t a strictly feminist or women’s issue.

  • Manya

    Actually, Sappho, Samantha Bee isn’t the only female correspondent ever. Recently, yes. But not ever. There’s been at least four other women I can think of off the top of my head that have been on the show, but again, it was a while ago. And there have been more than that.
    I would love for there to be more women or minorities, but I also know that the type of humor they’re employing might be hard to find in a field where lots of comedians get by with jokes about relationships and bodily functions.
    I’m not saying that the Daily Show isn’t ever sexist, but I do know that Jon Stewart has advocated feminism several times. I prefer to think that his choice of cast has more to do with the style of humor and less to do with gender or race.

  • Sappho

    Manya, I respectfully disagree completely. I’ll admit that I am not much of a TV watcher so there’s plenty I don’t know about the Daily Show, but I can’t believe you’re actually suggesting that women are not capable of producing the right kind of comedy for the show. I’m sorry but what could be more sexist than that?
    Also, from all the clips or shows I’ve seen, I think the Daily Show is regularly quite sexist, as well as racist in the less overt “we’ll go on as if there’s no such thing as people of color” method. I think if you watch carefully, you might also notice that Jon Stewart frequently makes fun of men for being foolish, and women for being women. Not exclusively, of course, but more often than I think is excusable or neutral. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t funny, but irks me nonetheless.
    Sure Stewart covers women’s issues in a progressive way, but I don’t think that makes him much of a feminist. (In contrast to Colbert, who I think arguably takes feminism more seriously.) Jon Stewart has tons of visitors or quotes of people on the screen and they are almost always white men, whether they are targets of ridicule or comedians themselves. Which again, doesn’t make him the worst guy in the world by a long shot, but still warrants some response, I think.

  • Manya

    I never said women exclusively don’t come up with that kind of humor. You’re putting words into my mouth. I said LOTS of comedians get by on a different type of humor than what is on the Daily Show. I’m merely saying they probably don’t have a large pool to pull from, and if there happen to be less women in that pool, that’s not their fault. I’m also NOT saying there ARE less women in that pool, just that it’s a smaller pool in general. Political satire is not as common as people tend to think it is in the world of comedy.
    I may not have written that as I intended, and you may disagree however respectfully you like, but I resent you implying any sexism on my part.
    Also, the Daily Show might not be the most enlightened show on television, but there are far worse out there. I’ve been watching it for 10 years now (and I do watch carefully), and they make fun of EVERYONE. Yes, women are occasionally skewered, but in no larger amount than men or any other “group”.
    I also never said Jon Stewart is a feminist (again with you putting words into my mouth), but I did say he has advocated feminism on several occasions. (There was even an article about him on this site once about that very topic.) That is one of the reasons he’s the only male celebrity I’ve ever really liked and whose career I’ve followed.
    All I was trying to say is that Samantha Bee is not the only female correspondent to be on the show. I also said, “I’m not saying that the Daily Show isn’t ever sexist”. But, as a watcher for 10 years, I do believe I know a little bit about what I’m watching.

  • DevenL

    I love him so much :)

  • lunaanimus

    I’m so glad you posted this, I saw it last night and was laughing so hard my eyes teared up…

  • MagdoleneLives

    Sappho, I respectfully disagree with YOU completely.
    I’ve watched The Daily Show since Jon Stewart became host. It and The Colbert Report are the only television I really watch anymore.
    Also, from all the clips or shows I’ve seen, I think the Daily Show is regularly quite sexist, as well as racist in the less overt “we’ll go on as if there’s no such thing as people of color” method.
    Really? What clips and shows are you watching? On a regular basis I see an admirable “bite” from both Jon Stewart and the writers AGAINST sexism. Stewart has even sincerely referred to feminism as a “wonderful thing”. They took on that abominable “Wives’ Summit” earlier this year, as well as that female pundit (whose name I thankfully don’t remember) who thinks a woman president is a terrible idea for democracy since women are “too nurturing” by nature. As far as racism is concerned, they tackle it regularly, and I’m not just talking about Larry Wilmore’s regular segments. I’ve seen The Daily Show catch insidious remarks by George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, and many other talking heads who have gotten off generally scott free by the mass media. Their largely white male cast reflects the largely white male pundits of the 24-hour news networks.
    I think if you watch carefully, you might also notice that Jon Stewart frequently makes fun of men for being foolish, and women for being women. Not exclusively, of course, but more often than I think is excusable or neutral.
    That’s funny, because I’ve watched Jon Stewart quite carefully and definitely regularly for over nine years now, and I’ve seen him consistently support a feminist view point on several occasions when he could’ve gone for a cheap and sexist joke.
    I’ll admit that I am not much of a TV watcher so there’s plenty I don’t know about the Daily Show
    And if this is true, than you really don’t know Stewart or his comedy, and therefore really can’t comment on his stance sexism-wise. Or on the stance of The Daily Show, for that matter.
    Sorry, but I see far too many comedians (male AND female and of every hue) that make disgustingly sexist jokes and claim to be for equality (Chris Rock) and respect Jon Stewart too much for his stances on homophobia, sexism, feminism, and so on to let an misinformed statement pass.

  • JamesBallard

    Not to beat a dead horse:
    But from the NY Times:
    “For the moment the senior correspondent Samantha Bee is the lone female cast member on “The Daily Showâ€? (which was created by two female comedians, Madeleine Smithberg and Lizz Winstead), but Mr. Karlin said the show’s recruitment process was not engineered to seek out white males. “We were looking for the best people we could find,â€? he said. “If we didn’t find those people, we wouldn’t have hired someone.â€?
    Stewart’s comedy acts often as an obvious, facetious surrogate for populist thought; many a time he and his panelists will discourage feminist thought as a means for “playing up” the laughable pedantry of conservative America, etc. Sure, he might not cover all the lines sometimes, but for the most part he’s “with it.”

  • Soundso

    I’m glad Sappho brought this up. I was always aware of the fact that women/POC are underrepresented on the show, but seeing a bunch of the regulars on the screen at the same time made it really obvious. “White guy…white guy…white guy…brown guy…white guy…white guy…woman.” I agree that it’s leagues ahead as far as other shows go, but watching it still made me think, “Damn, that’s awkward.” I guess it could in part be because my first thought was that they were going to be advocating masturbation, and I hate how it’s presumed that only teenage boys masturbate, which as we all know implies a whole slew of anti-feminist bullshit.
    Also, someone said something about Colbert seeming to take feminism more seriously – could you elaborate/give examples? I love to love Colbert!

  • MagdoleneLives

    Soundso, I disagree with your statements about women and people of color on The Daily Show for the reasons I listed above, but I’m happy to spread feminism from The Colbert Report. Not only has he mocked anti-feminist sentiment in general, he also stepped out of character (however momentarily) during his interview with the unfortunate Caitlin Flanagan. Search her name on the Colbert site; if you can manage to listen to what she says (and the moronic cheering audience which manage to sound like your stereotypical drunken frat boys, which fortunately isn’t a typical Colbert audience) without gagging, Colbert does hit her pretty good several times.

  • dedf

    Sappho: I agree with you concerning the male dominated aspect of the show. A couple of years ago I loved this show, but I have seen the type of humor change to target the young college age male. Unfortunately, it is no longer a show I enjoy.
    Even their website is designed to attract young males.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    They have that new dorky woman and she’s HORRIBLE. Just sayin’.
    I think when Craig Kilborn headed the Daily Show, there were a lot more problems with the turnover of women.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    They have that new dorky woman and she’s HORRIBLE. Just sayin’.
    I think when Craig Kilborn headed the Daily Show, there were a lot more problems with the turnover of women.

  • Liza

    Oh, you dirty, dirty toothbrushes, how dare you put your God-stick into my shame-cave.
    I love Jon Stewert.
    I’m going to the Daily Show tomorrow, actually. :)

  • UltraMagnus

    So this is what I miss when I pass out from exhaustion after a long ass day at work? Damn.
    I’m going to agree with Magdolenlives, I’ve been a fan of the Daily Show for years and they have had several women on the show, just not at the same time really. And perhaps Larry Wilmore, who also is a writer and actor on The Office, couldn’t be apart of that segment? I’ve met him and he does have to fly from L.A. (where the Office shoots) to New York to do segments, must like Asif Mandvi (sp?) has to. I’m not going to hold it against them because they do tackle racism and sexism when other networks won’t touch it. And they do have another female “anchor” who drops by occasionally, Kristen Schaal, who’s an actor on Flight of the Concords. She’s only been there twice that I’ve seen (and I’ve been missing episodes) but she’s there.

  • Kristi

    They have that new dorky woman and she’s HORRIBLE. Just sayin’.
    Aw, that’s “Mel” (Kristen Schaal) from Flight of the Concords! I agree that her first Daily Show segment was pretty awkward, but I hope they give her a chance, because I liked her on Conchords.
    I love the Daily Show, but I agree with others here that it would be great to see more women and people of color on the show. Still, although they’re certainly not perfect, I think they generally do a decent job on feminist issues.

  • Marteani

    Is it strange that I didn’t count the cast as White Male as others have for the inclusion of John Oliver? Coming from a line of immigrants where only recently did the last of us get our citizenship, especially given the xenophobicly opressive air in the US right now, the Daily Show gets an extra point for having a non-US-native member.
    True, he’s probably the least offensive of all foreigners in the view of the United States (White, male, British). Yet, at a time when one of the worst things to be is “foreign,” it makes me feel a little better to see Oliver there.

  • Liza

    I don’t think a current lack of women is sexist.
    It’s entirely possible that they were going for who had their sense of humor down, and that most of those who auditioned and fit the show happened to be male.
    This is one of the LAST shows I would ever consider sexist. Or racist. They tackle a lot of stuff the “real” news won’t. And they manage to do it with a sense of humor that doesn’t actually make light of an issue. Not an easy thing to do.

  • Danyell

    I almost died watching that last night!

  • artemiscuous

    in 8th grade, my teacher said that if we had sex before we were married, we were like used, dirty tissues. which is really the worst and grossest thing out of all of the ones i’ve heard, i think.

  • Jill

    The Daily Show makes me happy. I love me some God-stick!
    Marteani – Sam Bee and her hubby Jason Jones are both Canadian and Aasif Mandvi was born in India and raised in England.

  • Danakitty

    MagdoleneLives, wow! I just finished watching the episode with Caitlin Flanagan and the shots Cobert took were GREAT!
    P.S. Does she realize that if it weren’t for feminism, she probably wouldn’t be writing for the New Yorker OR have a book under her name?
    Seriously, when I see women advocating for less rights for women, I just have to look at them and go, “You know who put you up on that podium, right? The women you’re advocating against, dipshit.”

  • Elise

    [Re Colbert's brilliant skewering of Caitlin Flanagan] Seriously, when I see women advocating for less rights for women, I just have to look at them and go, “You know who put you up on that podium, right? The women you’re advocating against, dipshit.”
    Somehow I think they’re probably keenly aware of how they got access to the podium. I think that what they say is a direct reflection of their unshakable faith that they will never have to put their money where their mouths are (Serena Joy, anyone?).

  • tinfoil hattie

    They’ve had several women on, but not just at the same time.
    They don’t really have that good a pool of women to choose from. There’s only one funny woman in the whole wide world, and it’s Samantha Bee.
    They’re better than other shows.
    They have non white men on sometimes, too.
    So this is what feminists are willing to settle for?
    Then why bother?

  • atheistwoman

    Tinfoil hattie,
    Well obviously they should invite Twisty onto the show ;).

  • Spider Jerusalem

    um…so you’re saying that because many women comedians can’t always hold their own on the comedic stage (and I firmly believe that this is culturally ingrained), we should pack it all in?
    In all of the comedy training I have been exposed to, the women have ALWAYS, ALWAYS been told explicitly to give up the floor to men (in one case, all of the women were assigned to an extra workshop to discuss this). Women end up with less training than men because of this idea that women are by nature supporting players. Couple this with the fact that societally, certain things are not seen as funny for a woman that would be for a man, and you begin to see a picture of why the Daily Show has such a tiny friggin’ pool of female comedians that are actually strong enough on screen.
    SNL is lucky because it feeds directly from a pool of players that doesn’t practice this woman-hatred. Now if they could just find decent writers, they might actually be funny.

  • peppermintpatty

    When I was in high school, we had a lady come around doing the whole “show-them-pictures-of-std’s-to-make-them-frightened-of-sex-before-marriage” act. The best part was her slogan was “No Ringy, No Dingy.”

  • midgetqueen

    Dear Jon Stewart and company:
    You now owe me a new keyboard.