Why I’m excited

dollaccessories.jpgBecause this weekend, my friend Sara Bacon is coming over to install these awesome pieces: An investigation of boy doll accessories and An investigation of girl doll accessories. SO excited.
Sara is probably my oldest friend (we chilled in diapers together), and I’m just amazed by her work and just generally proud to know her. That is all.

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  • http://www.saraheartbacon.com bacon

    I couldn’t be more honored. So. Excited.

  • http://www.religiarchy.com religiarchy

    What an awesome site. I love her work. Operation flowershop was particularly awesome.

  • Destra

    Love it, want it, would look great over my desk.

  • Carrie

    I’d love to see these in real life. It’s hard to imagine them from just the thumbnails on her site.

  • Jessica

    Carrie, I’ll take pics of them on my wall – maybe you’ll be able to see them clearer…

  • http://cola82.blogspot.com Cola


  • http://nocookiesforme.blogspot.com/ roymacIII

    How much are you waiting for someone to come in and shout about how they’re “action figures!” not dolls?
    I wish I could see a larger version- I actually think I probably have half of the boy doll accessories in a box somewhere- they look like the ones that come from Chap Mei soldiers, mostly. Dollar store/Big Lots/drug store toys.
    Looks like a very cool piece.

  • http://www.personalgenius.net Danyell

    Looks like Sarah and I should trade websites.