On taking quotes out of context

In one of our threads, commenter atheistwoman cited an article I was quoted in, writing that I said I “don’t post more serious stuff because no one commented.” I’ve seen this repeated elsewhere, so I just wanted to set the record straight – because it drives me insane when people take my quotes out of context. (And this is not a jab at atheistwoman at all, just the nutty game of telephone that is the blogosphere sometimes.)
From the Utne Reader:

Jessica Valenti, executive editor of Feministing, says she’d like to see some of the “less trendy issues,” like poverty and international concerns, get more space in the feminist blogosphere. “But what happens with us is we put that stuff up and no one comments,” she says. “You put up a blog on abortion, and people do.”

I never said we don’t post on an issue because it’s not “trendy” or because it doesn’t get a lot of comments. I was expressing my disappointment in how posts dealing with more serious issues weren’t commented on as much as lighter posts. I was criticizing how so-called trendy issues get all of the attention and talking to the reporter about how we could change that. (In our case, we post on everything we think is important, whether we think it will get traffic and comments or not.)
In any case, thanks, and back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

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