Nothing like some craigslist misogyny

This one is a keeper.
Thanks to Becca for the link.

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  • Voila

    As disgusting as that CL entry is, I’ve seen similar items to it before in e-mail posts. Imagine getting something like that as a forward from your supposedly liberal aunt… How recent was that entry posted? Because the idea itself is at least a decade old. If people are going to be assholes, the least they could do is try to come up with some original material. I’ve also seen a female rebuttal, but it was also a forward, and about as not funny.

  • julie

    I want to answer the questions about feminist men caring for menz rights and their concerns.
    I know the answer to this because I work amongst it in the community sector.
    The feminist men want to sort out all the feminist problems first.
    Unfortunately, completely eradicating things like domestic violence and rape is not looking possible in the near future. Although communities and countries are trying hard.
    Some men are getting angry and other men are complaining. Especially the younger men.
    Many men who are pro feminism on the ground don’t even know what they can do. They are very limited with resources. Part of that is the problem.
    But something has to give. It isn’t fair to be honest.