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On feminism and Sex and the City. (via Broadsheet)
Serving sushi on naked women is a high-end food trend in the U.S. now, too? (Ok, and serving some on naked men, too. Still.)
Illinois considers putting known domestic abusers on a GPS tracking system.
Some female superdelegates who support Obama have had their sisterhood called into question.
The SAFER blog has a thought-provoking post on drinking and consent.
Unmarried women earn only 56 cents for every dollar a married man earns (PDF).
LiP magazine on Obama and white voters: “But this is where things become considerably more complicated; the point at which one is forced to determine what, exactly, his success means (and doesn’t mean) when it comes to the state of race, race relations, and racism in the United States. And it is at this point that so-called mainstream commentary has, once again, dropped the ball.”
Fewer med schools are training future doctors in how to perform abortions.
Pro-choice women turned out before the Lithuanian Parliament to protest the proposed abortion ban.
How race, class, and other factors influence quality of life for aging Americans.
A group called the Internet Sexuality Information Services is holding a contest for the best underwear design that promotes STD awareness. Oh lord…
The sexist coverage we’ve come to expect from articles about Hillary Clinton is now showing up in articles about Chelsea Clinton.
Iraqi refugees forced to turn to prostitution.
Are black women always the “mean girls” on “reality” TV?
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A male student at Colorado College responded to a campus feminist newsletter by creating a newsletter “which provided tips on chainsaw etiquette, detailed a sexual position from Men’s Health magazine and provided trivia about a sniper rifle — what Robinson called information for the stereotypical macho man.”
Speaking of public pervs, an Italian man has been sentenced to jail time for staring creepily at a woman on a train.
Two radio shock-jocks in Alaska were suspended after airing slurs about a Native woman. Eh, they’ll probably be back on the air in a few weeks…
Police in Kyrgyzstan raided a LGBT “safe space.”
Why calling Barack Obama an “elitist” is a loaded, racist term.
Our Bodies, Our Blog has a great list of questions to ask before participating in a breast cancer fundraiser.
Spain has just appointed the first woman to run its armed forces. Of course, Dana Perino would consider her unfit for the job because of her gender-related inability to learn about missile defense and stuff.
This article about Aboriginal girls being given contraception implants makes me really uneasy, given the history of forcible sterilization of women of color, low-income women, and immigrant women.
An important post on the State Department’s facilitation of the enslavement of domestic workers. (Yes, that’s right. enslavement.)
Muslimah Media Watch on stereotypes of Latina Muslims.
On Indian women being targets of acid attacks.
Gay couples face significant barriers not just to getting married, but also divorced.
A Saudi women’s basketball team plays hard, despite the country’s ban on women’s participation in sports.
Tax Day inspires a call for marriage equity.
Is Katie Couric on the way out?
Jill on the totally appalling outcome of the “DC Madam” trial.
Kathy G pens an ode to feminist punk rocker Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex.
The 57th Carnival of Feminists!
Actions and Events
Let Women Ski Jump in 2010
Ask your Senators to support the United Nations Population Fund Restoration Act of 2008, which would “distribute medical equipment, establish maternal health services, distribute contraceptives, and promote the abandonment of female genital mutilation and child marriage worldwide
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