“If I wanna f**k a girl, a boy, a dog, that’s my business.”

michellerodriguez.JPGI know y’all love Michelle Rodriguez, because Girlfight was named over and over in our favorite feminist movies thread. And I thought she was great in her (all-too-brief) role on Lost. So I wasn’t surprised to read her awesome response to repeated prying questions from journalists about whether she’s secretly into girls.

She explains: “I picture [the journalists] turning into pigs, slime coming out the side of their mouth, and I picture them jerking off. I don’t answer those questions.
“I just keep it to myself and it’s nobody’s business. If I wanna f**k a girl, a boy, a dog, that’s my business. That’s why there’s bathroom doors.”
She adds: “What the majority of (people) want to know is what I’m doing with my vagina, and I think that that’s sick.
“What do you care who I’m dating? I can tell when somebody just wants to know about sex. And it makes me sick.”

She is rad.
(h/t Jezebel)

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