Anti-feminist mailbag (the missing 5% edition)

dunce.gifWe receive a lot of hate email here at Feministing, and this one was too good not to share.

Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts.

Apparently that extra five percent doesn’t help prevent run-on sentences. You would also think that those extra brain power percentage points would stop a dude from sending harassing emails from his school email address. Because then we wouldn’t know that our charming admirer is the public relations officer (yes, public relations) of the Southern Illinois University College Republicans, Alex Kochno. I think I’ll stick with my stupid cunt lady brain, thanks very much.

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  • leahjo5

    People are so vicious and honest on the internet because of the possibility of anonimity. They think they can profess their horrible inappropriate thoughts without the threat of repercussions that they have in real life. I think it’s wonderful that we can now track people down and punish them for their online behavior. The internet isn’t meant to be a safe haven for racists, sexists and the likes! And once these people understand that there are REAL repercussions to their online exchanges they may think twice about bashing someone or sending hate mail. Way to go Feministing!

  • Vodalus

    hahahaha… I wish I could see that meeting (or just the agenda item reading “Emergency: Alex, stupid cunt”). I’m betting either:
    1) Alex, you douchebag, you fucking got us in trouble again. Way to make us look bad on the internet and get the administration on our backs, Mr. PR-guy.
    2) Wow, Alex, this has really gotten out of hand. Why on earth did you have to call them “stupid cunts”? They’re crazy feminists. That’s like feeding plutonium to the Hulk.
    Or maybe, just maybe:
    3) Alex, we need to talk about the comments that you’ve been making lately. Bigotry and hatred are not acceptable, even as a joke. And now it appears that you haven’t just been joking. That alone is intolerable and you have since compounded the problem by taking your bigotry public. I’m sorry to do this, but we feel as an organization that you can no longer serve as our public representative due to the overall poor judgement you have recently displayed. Do you need a tissue?

  • Alex Kochno

    I would like to take this time to apologize for my behavior earlier this morning. My angry words do not represent my view points towards the female population as a whole. I have notified the College Republicans that I am resigning my position effective immediately.
    -Alex Kochno

  • cheekykitten

    “My angry words do not represent my view points towards the female population as a whole.”
    No, see, honey, they do. That’s why what you said is a big deal. I hope you find your way into some kind of counseling soon, because you really need it.

  • Ninapendamaishi

    Maybe he just means that it’s just feminist women who are “stupid cunts” and the rest of the women are just “adorably dumb”?
    Well, maybe it’s a bit petty, but I would love to do some comparing of academic scores with Alex. Or heck, I bet Jessica and the ladies score pretty high on most “male-dominated” standardized scores too. We are talking a bunch of intellectual academic types here…
    (not that that’s the only kind of intelligence, but that’s usually the kind referenced…)

  • Alex Kochno

    I do not think that non feminist women are adorably dumb and that feminist women are “dumb cunts” and to be honest I do not even remember typing the aforementioned statement.
    -Alex Kochno

  • Alex Kochno

    p.s. the one on the top of the page sorry again.
    -Alex Kochno

  • tricia V.

    Vodalus, you made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the dose of humor!
    There’s little about that apology that appears sincere to me. I’ve been wondering all day if this person realizes that his very entry into this world, his first BREATH as a human being, took place in the ‘stupid cunt’ of his mother.

  • Kacie

    While this disgusts me, I would like to thank Haubrich and Johnathan Bean who took speedy action (Johnathan responded very promptly to my emails) and acted professionally. I appreciate the steps taken to try and repair this.

  • kissmypineapple

    Can we do the opposite of a Feminist Fuck You for Haubrich? I mean, talk about prompt action! I was seriously half expecting members of the group to come and heckle us, but instead we got a really nice, swift response. I think that deserves, I don’t know, a Feministing gold star?

  • Halfmad

    WOW, Alex (f that’s *really* him) — seriously? Methinks you need to cut back on the drinking if you can send entire ranting emails without remembering them.
    Alex is S-M-R-T.

  • tricia V.

    From the SIU Student Code of Conduct:
    “Any behavior, which has been influenced by a students’ use of drugs or alcohol, will not limit the student’s responsibility for that behavior.”

  • Suze

    Alex, I’m old enough to be your mom. You called me a “stupid cunt,” a fifty-year-old woman with a son your age. I’m a veteran, an MBA (from a hell of a lot better school than yours), the mother of two sons, and according to you a stupid cunt. I would like to think you’re ashamed of yourself, but that’s not how you’re reading at all.

  • DaveNJ17

    “In vino veritas”
    The Romans knew it then, and we know it now. Alcohol doesn’t force people to do anything. Never has a bottle of whiskey jerked around in my hand and forced me to hit someone, nor has it taken control of my tongue. Alcohol can only bring to the surface something that is already there, in this case a deep-seated hatred and fear of women.
    I dunno, I’m offended on a bunch of levels. First and foremost, it’s bad science, as five points on the IQ test is not 5%. That’s just bad math right there, something a three year old with a calculator could figure out. Plus, there’s no reference, no additional info, and of course there’s the fact that the IQ test doesn’t really mean anything.
    I mean, the IQ test does very little to measure intelligence. At best it’s a measure for potential intelligence, and at worst it’s just a dumb test we get all antsy about.
    But the fact remains that this guy insulted my mother, my grandmothers, my cousins, and my friends. But most of all, he insulted himself. Harboring these dumb, hateful ideas is like carrying an intellectual and emotional anchor wherever you go. Lose the weight, you’ll feel a lot better Alex.

  • Leslie

    Like most others, I’d like to thank Haubrich for coming on here and taking the time to talk to us and apologize (although like he said, Alex’s actions are not representative of the group/school as a whole).
    I too expected a bunch of people to come on here and be obnoxious (based on past experiences) and I was pleasantly surprised to see it handled in such a respectful manner.
    I nominate Haubrich for Alex’s job too! :)

  • KatieKatyKaytee

    Wow. This is really impressive. I seem to have missed the boat on the barrage of emails and facebook messages, but it’s all rather remarkable. It’s amazing what naming names and thereby making people accountable for their actions can do. Way to go, everyone!
    I thank the representatives from the group for their professional, swift response to the situation. In poking around their myspace page though, I was just wondering about something. There’s a couple anti-Hillary banners up (she’s turning into a demon in one of them!)…and nothing about Obama. Now, if it was a Republicans v. Democrats issue and there were pictures of Obama up as well, I’d understand that. But that just doesn’t seem to be the issue.
    Just wondering what people thought.

  • Polly

    all I can say is that there is no way his tic tac sized dick or his opinions will manage to wiggle themselves inside my brain or my “cunt”

  • TheNerd

    Dude got PWND!

  • Genetic_Mishap

    I’d accept your apology but I drank too much last night and thus am not responsible for anything.
    Besides, I don’t even remember reading it.

  • okiephilosopher

    First time poster – might as well be on a really interesting topic!
    This guy supposedly got chewed out by his colleagues and all he came come up with is three insincere sentences? Oh, yeah, and his views don’t reflect his feelings about the female population “as a whole,” as noted a few times already, I think. I would **LOVE** to hear just what part of the female population he DOES feel that way about.
    The mind boggles, really. Although, frankly, as a Democrat, I feel much better having read this. After all, the SIU College Republicans must be a really incompetent organization if THIS guy is the PUBLIC RELATIONS specialist – a racist, sexist chronic drunk.
    Okay, so I don’t know he’s a CHRONIC drunk.
    Of course, I find it interesting that he can find this site while drunk. Is it bookmarked? How often does he cruise over here to fume and froth?

  • Wildberry

    That was the big apology? I thought it would be like a column in the school newspaper, apologizing to the school’s female population for being a tool of the patriarchy. This sounds like a grown up version of the child being forced apologize, crossing his fingers behind his back.
    And he really does have problems if he’s drunk at 7 in the morning.

  • Raymer

    I wasn’t going to comment because Haubrich has done an excellent job of articulating the organizational position.
    But I must say that in an era of increasing political correctness, this incredibly disrespectful statement against ALL women has been handled with thoughtful objections. Haubrich and I will be monitoring this strand over the coming days, and will continue to try and answer any questions or respond to any issues that may arise.
    And as has been said before, this is in no way the prevailing view of the organization or the university as a whole.
    Jermaine Raymer
    Vice President
    SIUC College Republicans

  • elena

    Jermaine, his apology was indeed a little disappointing.
    I’m glad though that apparently the other men in your organization are showing common sense. I really respect that you’re taking the issue seriously!

  • keri

    Can we do the opposite of a Feminist Fuck You for Haubrich? I mean, talk about prompt action! I was seriously half expecting members of the group to come and heckle us, but instead we got a really nice, swift response. I think that deserves, I don’t know, a Feministing gold star?
    Hear Hear! I too was expecting a freeper-like parade to show up and rain down more internet misogyny. It’s pretty to cool to get this kind of response and accountability instead.

  • NotYourKitty

    Does he realy think that after his halfassed apology everything will be peachy again?
    No way this is gonna happen.
    This was clearly hatespeech. Directed at Jessica and the Feministing girls and women in general – including me. And i loath being adressed by hatespeech.
    Probably men handle it differently. As Haubrich mentioned before, his jewish friend does not get too upset about jokes on his etnicity.
    But thats just not the way to look at it. It is not the vicitms reaction, it is the act of -ist speech itself that is punishable.
    Haubrich – thanks for your help here! It is apreciaded.
    Greetings from Europe,

  • JP

    NotYourKitty, I totally agree. Hate speech is hate speech. It comes from a place of hate, and hate is not dissolved after a three-line apology. I find it funny that Haubrich let the cat out of the bag earlier about Alex’s anti-Semitism. It seems to me that Alex has work to do on a lot of fronts.
    Sorry, Alex, but I’m not convinced you hate me less today than you did yesterday.

  • piotrek

    “… and if you want a much better website than your shitty one…”
    Just a question: there was a successful fund raiser to improve this website. I am not saying that this is a bad website (Brad DeLong has worse, just a humungous amount of stuff on a single page that slows my browser to a crawl), but some new features were promised and never appeared.
    Concerning the top letter, well, when someone cannot brag about his individual intelligence, he can console himself that he is a member of a group that on the average … it harks to “but my older brother could beat you up”.
    There are several frequent variations of this theme. The least tolerant among Americans are proud that our culture is so much more tolerant that radical Islam.

  • judgesnineteen

    To those who will be dealing with Alex: Naturally, I found this email deeply offensive, except for the fact that it was so hard to take seriously (intellectual superiority: ur doin it wrong). But I don’t want him to just be yelled at and shunned. I want things to get better. I want your club to discuss women’s rights and why people still use the word cunt and whether or not saying cunt and thinking women are stupid is the only kind of sexism (subtle stuff counts too) within your club and in Alex’s life. I want Alex to learn about the history of the oppression of women and the ways that lies like ‘women are stupider than men’ are used to justify their continuing oppression. I want this problem to be fixed, not just punished. I want efforts to be taken to change his mind and not just to make him say he’s sorry because that’s what you *have* to do in circumstances like this. I want the reaction to this to be “let’s talk about gender equality” rather than “just make sure never to say cunt again”. Thank you.

  • grumbelina

    I second judgesnineteen and the others who’ve expressed similar views. As hateful as his attack was, I have to believe that a young person can change and grow. He is lucky to be at a university rather than in some corporate context where he’d simply be fired — this is a great opportunity for all concerned to work on opening minds. I most sincerely hope that the community around Alex doesn’t stop at damage control!

  • Riva Ambrai

    “you cannot dispute science sorry”
    Wahahaha. You cannot dispute “Science”. Why? Oh right, because it’s SCIENCE, guys. Srsly. We all know that there is no bias in science, and that once there’s any papers out there espousing one belief about a topic, that belief becomes the Truth. Duh.
    This guy needs a serious reality check. If we weren’t supposed to dispute science, especially shoddy science designed to hold up a particular worldview as the correct one, then it wouldn’t be called “science”, it would be “faith”.

  • Muchacha1

    I love that this moron’s name and professional position were posted. It makes me smile.
    Rock on.

  • lizadilly

    Alex Kochno,
    I completely reject your apology, and am not impressed that you “[took] the time” to write three obvious sentences.
    What I want you to do, and what I hope your advisors will make you do, is some or all of this:
    1) Have some therapy, with both of your parents if possible. Find out why and how you came to believe women are inferior and fair targets for harassment and degradation. Apologize to your mother.
    2) Have the Republican Club host a screening of some feminist movies (e.g., “Iron Jawed Angelsâ€?, about the activists who gave women republicans the right to join your party). Participate in a panel discussion afterward — you’ll have to do a lot of research for that!
    3) Publish an apology to the students, staff, faculty, and alumni at your university, whom you have shamed, male and female alike. This should probably go into your school newspaper and alumni bulletin.
    4) Take some English classes. If you are a Communications major, switch your major.
    5) With your campus Feminist group, use the Republican Club funds to co-sponsor an annual Thank a Feminist Day dedicated to dispelling fake “science” like the study you cited and instead showcase real history of women citizens. You could help author a Pledge to Equality for students to sign, which would ensure everyone in your club and beyond gets some truthful education about gender issues. This would be a nice tradition to leave behind after you graduate/are expelled.
    6) After you issue a REAL apology and develop a SINCERE desire to be a decent human being, start your own blog to document your transformation. That’s right, if Feministing isn’t good enough for you, make a better one and share the real struggle of opening your mind, enlightening yourself, and reaching out. I would be very interested to read about those challenges from your perspective.
    Best of luck.

  • Carrie

    “Wow, Alex, this has really gotten out of hand. Why on earth did you have to call them “stupid cunts”? They’re crazy feminists. That’s like feeding plutonium to the Hulk.” – Vodalus
    Haha, I nearly spit out my food.

  • Alex Kochno

    I am genuinely sorry for the events that have upset the female population and the feminists that run this website. I would like to include that yesterdays apology was more of a professional apology regarding my resignation from the college republicans, but on that tangent I would like everybody reading this to know that not a moment goes by that I do not regret the actions that I took and not because of the potential results of my actions and affect they might have on my future, but more specifically because I hurt people that I did not want to hurt and I gave them a wrong impression of who I really am. I honestly hope that we could put this matter behind us because I guarantee everybody who is reading this that I will regret my actions for a very long time. Thank you for your time sorry again I do not think that I could emphasize that enough.
    -Alex Kochno

  • MLEmac

    You didn’t just upset the female population. Many men comment on this site who were also deeply offended by your comments.

  • Alex Kochno

    You are absolutely right I thought of that after the post basically everybody that is offended by my remarks I am deeply sorry about that now could you please accept that.
    -Alex Kochno

  • lizadilly

    Thanks for expanding on your apology, but you’re not really in the position to insist we accept it on your timetable. People with sophisticated minds might be weighing many thoughts and feelings right now. Such as, wondering whether your apology includes a recantation of the “fact” that men are smarter than women. Can you clarify that point for us?

  • Doctress Julia

    Umm, yeah- I “accept” your insincere apology as much as you accept feminism. Get a life, you pathetic little prick.

  • Alex Kochno

    Yes I am recanting my initial response of how I feel that men are smarter than women. I think there are smart and stupid people on both sides of the fence and I think that if you average it out the intelligence is about the same.
    -Alex Kochno

  • leah

    If you really, truly think men and women are about the same intelligence, and if you really, truly believe feminists are ignorant, stupid cunts, then why did you say it?
    Why did you tell me, as a feminist, that I’m an ignorant, stupid cunt?
    Why? What made that thought occur to you? Did you think it would be funny to get a rise out of someone? Or in your moment of drunkenness, did your deepest and darkest thoughts surface?
    Why would it ever even occur to you to call someone one of the most vile, hateful slurs that could possibly be used?
    Why did you tell me that I’m an ignorant, stupid cunt?

  • elena

    See honey, you’re not in Kindergarten anymore where, when you say something like that, you can just be like “Ok, alright, I’m SORRY!” and everything is fine. Even though I DO give you credit (somehow) for apologizing in the first place the question remains why you said all this in the first place. I mean, drunk or not, that shit was coming from somewhere! So, a simple “Oh, I didn’t mean it!” just won’t do! You really should go to some feminists events more and talk to women and find out what feminism is all about. Maybe you will understand then why everybody got so extremely upset! (the idea with the film screening mentioned above would be a good start)

  • judgesnineteen

    We’ve given you several suggestions (especially lizadilly, good job) of what kinds of things will satisfy us and bring some good out of this situation. Are you going to try any of them? Which ones?

  • okiephilosopher

    He’s sorry for *the events*.
    He’s sorry he hurt people he *didn’t want to hurt*.
    Okay, so he DID fully backpedal on the factual claim he was making – that men are smarter than women.
    How about, Alex – and this is just a thought, one guy to another – you try:
    *I was wrong, not just factually, but morally. I didn’t just assert things that were untrue, I said them in an inappropriate way. I did a bad thing, I acknowledge it was a bad thing, and if I were to do things like that consistently, it would be grounds for judging me a bad person.
    Maybe then someone would believe you. Because right now, I see a lot of “I’m sorry I did this” but no “I (morally) shouldn’t have done it.”
    Subtle, but crucial, distinction. Although, frankly, I don’t believe he actually thinks the latter.

  • Haubrich

    I like the idea of a film screening, especially on a feminist topic. It shows not only that we embrace alternate philosophies, despite the brutish and ignorant comments of my former colleague. It also shows that we’re a big tent and we welcome all, which we try to do. I will bring it up Wednesday at our meeting.

  • Haubrich

    I happen to believe that an exposition of many and sometimes alternating philosophies is a great thing :)

  • Wildberry

    I like you Haubrich.
    Your organization sounds so much better than the assholes that are MY university’s College Republicans.

  • Haubrich

    I tend to believe in a libertarian philosophy for my organization, in terms of our structure at least, and I think our officers do too.

  • pixelgem

    I like you Haubrich.
    Your organization sounds so much better than the assholes that are MY university’s College Republicans.

    I like him, too. I have been reading these comments throughout today, although this is my first post of the day.
    One suggestion: Since it appears from the names that your organization is all male, I would try to recruit a female onto your officer’s list to give a (possibly) different perspective to things. But I whole-heartedly salute your clear, concise, and respectful responses to the women and men on this blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Haubrich

    Actually, pixelgem, I do not think that officer list is entirely accurate as of now. We have a female fundraiser and last year we had a female president.

  • Haubrich

    Its probably older…we’re in the process of overhauling our web pages…