Anti-feminist mailbag (the missing 5% edition)

dunce.gifWe receive a lot of hate email here at Feministing, and this one was too good not to share.

Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts.

Apparently that extra five percent doesn’t help prevent run-on sentences. You would also think that those extra brain power percentage points would stop a dude from sending harassing emails from his school email address. Because then we wouldn’t know that our charming admirer is the public relations officer (yes, public relations) of the Southern Illinois University College Republicans, Alex Kochno. I think I’ll stick with my stupid cunt lady brain, thanks very much.

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  • L-K

    Alex Kochno: “Internetz anonymoity, I no has it animore. Kthxbai.”
    I guess the 5% rule doesn’t apply to him, huh?
    And shit, if it isn’t bad spelling, then it’s bad sentence structuring. Punctuation trolls, punctuation! We still use it!…!

  • SociologicalMom

    Ok, this is probably way too obvious a snipe, but… IQ tests aren’t done on a 100 point scale. Therefore, a difference of 5 IQ points is not equal to a 5% difference. And I’m supposed to believe that this guy can argue scientific theory with me?

  • Pengo

    Fuck my mouth, did you just get trolled by Ron Burgundy?
    This is a feature I’ve been expecting for some time, and I applaud it. Two words, though, Valenti–Public. Domain.
    When this sort of textured, nuanced correspondence arrives, anonymity goes buh-bye. Let us at ‘em. I know, I know, dudes want to frame every conflict in the context of an ass-whooping and it’s not especially productive?
    But oh-so gratifying.

  • cheekykitten

    Oh Alex, your charming grasp of the English language not only makes you a stunning advertisement for your organization–it makes me want to join! And become a Republican! And can I be your girlfriend too? I love you.

  • requiemdem

    I say those of us with facebook accounts “poke” the crap out of him. Does that count as non-violent resistance?

  • Pengo

    Wow. I’m a fucking idiot. Way to read the entire post, Pengo…with that said, have at ‘em, heroes.

  • jfaustus

    Feministing-ers (is that right?) you should report this hate mail to the school. My guess is it violates all sorts of standards for student conduct. If so, he should face disciplinary proceedings. You may also want to send something to the school’s newspaper, and to the faculty advisor for the College Republicans.
    Hate speech => consequences

  • MiddleageLiberal

    What a dumbass. He’s probably going to have to change his name to get a decent job. No employer who does internet searches as part of its screening process is going to want this dweeb.

  • Caro

    Pengo beat me to the Ron Burgundy reference, but I’ll put it in full:
    Ron Burgundy: I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am. You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science!

  • moon_grrl

    Ahh, one of Illinois’ finest! Makes this cunt proud to call it home.
    Anyone else notice that there wasn’t a single female listed among the officers of SIU’s College Repukeagains? Hmm.

  • pinkpicnic

    I sent an email to the President of their College Republicans,, but since it’s not a school address I don’t know how much it will do. I sent it from my university address so he’ll know it’s serious.

  • Georgiana

    I’ve poked him on facebook. I will keep poking until I grow bored of him :)

  • pinkpicnic

    Oh, this couldn’t get any better: a google search on his name picks this blog article up first. Oy vey.

  • TheSoyMilkConspiracy

    This just made my entire day.
    Today marks the first time I ever use the “poke” function on Facebook. And FYI: his profile on MySpace is “private,” but you can still send messages! Here’s mine:
    Subject: Way to go, brainiac!
    Body: Sorry about your penis! I may have a small lady brain, but I’m smart enough to know you’re not getting laid.

  • Mike B.

    Hilarious. Additionally:
    you cannot dispute science
    is stupid in a multitude of ways:
    *If science couldn’t be disputed, we’d never have gotten past Galileo.
    *The science so strong that it can’t be disputed? No source, natch, so neither can it be verified.
    *Aren’t Republicans supposed to be hot to discredit the majority of reputable scientists that disagree with them on, well, everything? Not so much stupid as off-message.

  • Cola


  • adminassistant

    Ahhahahahahaha! >sniff

  • comoprozac

    Did anyone notice that it looks as if he might be in a white supremacist band in that MySpace photo?
    I’m forwarding this post to a friend who used to teach at SIU. It should remind of the good times she had there.
    BTW-Great response, Feministing! Bravo!

  • adminassistant

    Clearly Southern Illinois has no essay entrance requirement because they’d take one look at your absurd grasp of grammar and laugh your ass back to high school.

  • religiarchy

    Oh so hilarious. This brightened my morning.

  • GottaBeMe

    Bwahahahahah! Oh, that was a great laugh, thanks! I also agree that since he sent it from his school address, you should forward that email to whoever he reports to. I’m sure there are terms of use with the school email addresses that this violates.

  • Steph

    I sent a message too:
    Guiness Book of World Records lists: Marilyn vos Savant (a woman) as having the highest IQ on record

  • Carrie

    This is hilarious. This just proves that men ARE funnier than women.

  • Michele

    Every time the feminist group I founded on my college campus got hate mail, it always looked like this. And they were from males. Go figure.

  • Flower

    Did you verify that he actually sent it? I’m sure that you know way more about how to track email than I do, but I would hesitate to call out a guy publicly without knowing whether or not his email account had been appropriated. I constantly have email bounce back to me that I know I didn’t send, but were sent from my school email address. We had a problem with this at my university recently — someone was sending out emails that looked like they were from an associate dean, but they were not.

  • norbizness

    It could have been 10% without your score dragging us down, Alex. Thanks a lot, flatliner!

  • Oskar

    You guys rule, I’m laughing so hard that I could cry :)
    I love that this post is first on google for his name. If anyone wants to know more about this guy, you just know what they’ll find.
    On a related note, I’ve been at the receiving end of some internet assholes before, but I haven’t faced anything near what you guys have to deal with in terms of hate-mail and such. You truly are real bad-asses, and an inspiration to women and men everywhere. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Meredith

    I contacted the particular college deans’ office for SIU that he belongs to at this address:

  • lizadilly

    I. LOVE. IT. I love the haters, bring em on. They just give me that feeling Whitney Houston used to sing about, man, like I can freaking fly.
    I hope this douche gets expelled for hate speech and abuse of his school email. I hope every girl passes this around so they all know what a bigoted misogynist prick he is. No love for you, Kockno! Good thing you’re so cool with your guitar.

  • Virago

    A lot of this hype about men having higher I.Q. scores because they score better on math tests is just that-a bunch of hype. I posted a link to this article in the post on testerone, and I think it explains a lot.

  • rileystclair

    ahahahahaha this made my morning.
    it’s like voltaire said: ” I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”

  • EverythingisImage


  • veej

    ah crap. I went to this school. What a slap in the face to read this douche’s email and then discover this hateful idiot is attending my alma mater.
    Count me in for facebook/myspace/ follow up.

  • EverythingisImage

    Holy Shit! I have friends in common with this Kid! And he grew up in my neighborhood. EWWWWW

  • TexasMomma

    I can’t say anything funny or brilliant that hasn’t already been said – but ladies, you have ALL made my day. I will e-mail his dean, poke him on Facebook, and send him a lovely little message on MySpace about the correct usage of cunt. I doubt he’d know what to do if one sat on his face – although I’m hoping “stop breathing” is always an option.
    To the kick-ass, intelligent, and wonderful bloggers of Feministing – I am truly sorry you have hate mail at all. It’s inevitable, and I’m sure you deal with it with as much grace and aplomb as you can. But THANK YOU for letting us have your back on this one. We’ll do you proud!

  • anomrabbit

    Kudos, Jessica, on calling this person out. More people need to know that they can’t get away with doing things like this.

  • lotus

    Ohhhh sigh. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    And punctuation is your friend.

  • kacey

    I give him an F for that assignment. He shuda jus typed it like he wuz sendin a txt. I hope he getz in trble 4 that. I want to send him a douche card.

  • heller

    Ha ha ha. Even if men were smarter, how does that = all around better?
    Not only are most of us smarter than this guy, we are likely to live longer,
    work harder, and GIVE BIRTH! I would say it could be argued that last fact alone makes women “better”. (Not that I am saying that women are inherently better than men, I am just saying the argument could be made.)
    I am not so sure that this idiot would mind being poked continually on facebook. He might like that sort of attention.

  • Foxfire

    Damn it, not my alma mater!! (For the record, I didn’t graduate there, I transferred out after a year for personal reasons). Anywho, FYI, not all Salukis are this stupid. SIUC is a really vibrant campus with great doctoral programs and a strong feminist presence (at least for Southern Illinois, which is very red). The Women’s Center there does fabulous work, as well. I am ashamed that this guy went to the same school as Dennis Franz, Joan E. Higginbotham (astronaut), and I. Screw you, Koncho, for giving the Dawgs a bad name!

  • RoseColoredGlasses

    well, i just sent an email to the dean’s office of the college of business for this douchebag…hey mr. if you’re reading these comments just think about what you’re school and potential employers might think about you now you stupid ass!

  • Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter

    I live for the anti-feminist mailbag. Thanks Jessica, you’re my hero!

  • Mr. Sean

    It has been said before, it will be said again. Someone (read Alex Kochno) needs to read Stephen J. Gould’s ‘The Mismeasure of Man.’
    Also, wanted to chime in that my father is a Saluki, and that it is indeed a great institution.

  • tricia V.

    I just called SIU Student Development office. The faculty advisor for the SIU College Republicans is:
    Jonathan Bean (History)
    tel: 618-453-7872
    Let’s make sure that the official faculty advisor knows how we feel about the hate-speech coming from the PR rep of their club!

  • mairemhor

    Carbondale, Illinois is my hometown.
    It sickens me to think that somebody like that is in a position of power at SIUC.

  • mairemhor

    Carbondale, Illinois is my hometown.
    It sickens me to think that somebody like that is in a position of power at SIUC.

  • RoseColoredGlasses

    ok girls…keep emailing the dean’s office for this ass…if they get enough emails, they might actually respond to it and take matters into their hands and give this guy his consequences..
    Stupid Male=0
    Yea feminist ladies!! :)
    I love you all! :)

  • AnnaTwitch

    I take comfort in the fact that with language skills like that, his resume will undoubtedly list his time as a “pubic relations consultant” someday.

  • MLEmac

    I just messaged him on facebook, thanking him for making me laugh until I cried.

  • RoseColoredGlasses

    ok so i also sent an email to Jon Bean -his faculty advisor notifying him of what this ass said…hopefully he and the dean gets enough emails to do something about him-this just makes me so mad…sorry about the frequent posts, this is very touching to me and i want this kid to pay.