V-Day Blogging from New Orleans!

vday-logocrop2k.jpgAs many of you may know, the V to the Tenth, the ten year anniversary of the Vagina Monologues, is underway this weekend in New Orleans.
Unfortunately none of the gals from Feministing could be there, but we’ve recruited one of the fabulous women I met at SMU in Texas to do some blogging for us. So please give Meg Bell a warm Feministing welcome, she’ll be blogging with some of her classmates and allies under the name “NOLA Blogging.” We’re all really looking forward to hearing about the V-Day madness down there! (And by “down there,” I mean New Orleans, of course.)
megb.jpgMeg has been a grassroots community organizer and an office manager for the Texas Campaign for the Environment for over two years. She first became acquainted with social justice activism while protesting the Iraq war as a freshman in high school. At Southern Methodist University, she is the current president of the Women’s Interest Network, the student feminist organization on campus. Meg recently returned from the 2008 Young People For summit in D.C., a progressive youth conference dedicated to serving “motivated, socially aware, diverse and creative young adults who are leaders in their communities.” As a YP4 fellow, she was challenged to write a proposal for funding any progressive vision of hers. Her Blueprint for Social Justice is called SMU in NOLA: Bigger Picture Feminism.”

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