Wife school, huh?

Reader Erika passed this video along, which is featured on MSN today. Apparently it’s an old clip from Comedy Central’s The Man Show. I just have no patience for these kind of gags anymore. Not only because they’re so degrading to women (and we’re supposed to laugh along, cause it’s just for funsies, right?) but also because it’s fucking incredibly insulting to men – who we’re to believe are all assholes at heart if we go by videos like these.
(Also, I’m cranky this morning. Not enough coffee.)

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  • Mary B

    That reminds me of this study: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/11/071106083038.htm
    “A research project led by a Western Carolina University psychology professor indicates that jokes about blondes and women drivers are not just harmless fun and games; instead, exposure to sexist humor can lead to toleration of hostile feelings and discrimination against women.”
    Also, if you look in the background of the picture in the article, I believe they’re actually watching the same clip from the Man Show that is posted here. How ’bout that!
    The clip is really more disturbing than funny. I really don’t see how someone can think having a wife as a slave is hilarious. (But then again, in my pre-feminist days, I did actually watch the Man Show. I’m thankful that my point of view has changed as a young woman.)

  • http://www.feminocracy.wordpress.com outcrazyophelia

    I distinctly remember seeing this back in the day and being bothered by it. Not only by the message that the only way to be desirable is to be quiet, a good cook, and constantly sexually available, but also wondering about the logistics. If they’re such bad wives, how’d they make them go to the wife school anyway, furthermore, how’d they get them to stay? Is there some sort of brain washing at work? That whole show was a waste of space.

  • Ian in OH

    This clip from the idiots at the Man Show is just so damn dumb, it’s hardly worthy of an actual logical refutation.
    If you put together a woman being silent/having no opinions of her own, always putting the guy’s needs first,
    and being ok with whatever infidelity the guy wants to get up to (among the rest of what’s mentioned in the clip), you really have come up with a list of about the most least attractive qualities possible. The last kind of woman I would want to be with is one like that. Having sex when she doesn’t really want to makes it what, hotter?!??
    Anyway, I remember a shirt from years ago that said something like the hottest part of a woman’s body is between her ears.
    I think that really points to what’s behind the sentiment in the clip. Fear. Guys that are afraid that if they date/marry a woman who has her own opinions, is not afraid saying I think you’re wrong and here’s why…oh crap I just can’t handle that.
    It’s kind of sad because these pre-historic knuckle draggers miss out on so much.

  • MLEmac

    If this came from anything other than the man show, I would find it funny in a satirical way. If you hadn’t told me where it was from, I would have thought that it was making fun of the idea that some people believe women are “supposted” to be slaves to their husbands. The part about the end where the woman claims she stopped menstrating would particularly point to that, because the idea that any woman could be “taught” to stop having a period is so ridiculous, it doesn’t need to be made fun of.
    However, the fact that this DID come from the man show (and I remember watching it as a teenager and going “what the fuck!?”), means that it was intended to say that women should be totally focused on only making their husbands happy, which makes me sick.
    Also, has anyone else read “The School for Wives” by Moliere? It’s a pretty satirical comedy about a man who raises a girl as his ward and teaches her to be “the perfect wife” so that he can marry her when she comes of age (ew). Then she ends up falling in love with another man, and running off to marry him.

  • http://tobestalks.blogspot.com Tobes

    You think that is scary– I just found the real live version of this…

  • Newbomb Turk

    Isn’t the point of the Man Show to make fun of the stereotype of “real men” as knuckledraggers who only care about beer, food and sex? It’s no different from the Colbert Report, which makes fun of FOX Noise by doing an outlandish imitation.
    Or do you really think Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel are in fact misogynists who think women only belong in the kitchen, the bedroom or “wife school”.

  • norbizness

    What? Colbert isn’t, in fact, a preening, reactionary egomaniac? Quick, Morpheus, give me the other pill!
    Of course, the Man Show was about half of making fun of its core audience and half pandering to its core audience, which may make it slightly more subversive than Colbert, whom everyone knows is a parody.

  • noname

    Newbaum Turk – I always thought it was a mixture of the two options you give. While I doubt most men would turn down a beer and a post-game blow job, I think The Man Show intentionally made it over the top in order to make fun of their own desires in the context of how they would look as real world expectations. What people miss here sometimes, I think, is the separation between desire and expectation.

  • mizz.rush

    The most disturbing aspect of it to me is the cheering and hollering in the background, rather than the content itself.

  • FrumiousB

    Newbaum Turk: ‘Or do you really think Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel are in fact misogynists who think women only belong in the kitchen, the bedroom or “wife school”.’
    Not familiar with Jimmy Kimmel, but Adam Corolla? Yeah, pretty much.

  • Margaret

    This is satirizing societal standards of male behavior more than women. The whole Man Show was like that.
    It’s just SO over the top that it’s hard for me to take it seriously, little alone be offended by it. (Like “before wife school I used to get my period once a month, now I hardly get it at all!”)
    If some dude were to really think this is funny – in a self identifying way – the joke’s on them because it’s mocking that idea of hyper-machismo more than anything else.

  • KnitingQn

    This is so riduculous, and i can’t even believe they would let this go on the air and think it’s funny. do men really think that they can just send thier wives to school and they will have no menstrual cycle ever again? this is just gross, and i can’t even bear to think about it, about how our society thinks complete submission to your husband is appropriate..i mean we grew out of the 17-early 19th century right?

  • Suzy

    I agree with Margaret.
    I was going to respond about this, but she kind of said it all already.
    The Man Show just stereotypes men as well as women.

  • Voila

    Tobes, that clip totally reminded me of the Labyrinth. “Let me rule you and I will give you everything you want” I believe that’s pretty close to the line. Creepy.

  • noname

    “do men really think that they can just send thier wives to school and they will have no menstrual cycle ever again?” – KnitingQn
    No. That’s part of the joke.

  • Momo

    Slow news day or something? I mean we could start a whole blog solely dedicated to ranting about how shitty the Man Show was (I still kinda cringe when I see Jimmy Kimmel or Adam Corolla) but the guys that watched that shit probably get off on thinking about how much it pisses feminists off. Its old shitty bait and Im not biting.

  • noname

    Momo – Slow news day, indeed. Feministing posted this same clip in 2006:
    They even used the same headline. Of course, my comments then were very similar to my comment here, so I can’t lecture on originality.

  • Jessica

    ha, that’s awesome! i guess i had the same reaction back then. totes unintentional.
    but to noname, since this is the second time you’ve made some nasty snarky comment about how unworthy our content is – why don’t you try writing your own blog every day, for no money, while you’re working a full time job – and come up with five to seven original, funny, enlightening posts a day. the come talk to me. kthanksbye

  • noname

    Wow. My apologies, Jessica. I did not mean to offend. That’s why I pointed out that my comments on the original thread were so similar to my comment here (right down to an almost word for word “beer and blowjob” snark). I was identifying with what you did, not making fun of it.

  • noname

    While I had an issue with the McCain post, I was just kidding around about the Man Show post. If I didn’t find the content interesting as a whole in this blog, I probably wouldn’t have remembered a thread from 2006 in 2008.
    Anyway, once again, my apologies. I did not mean to piss you off over a funny mistake.

  • Jessica

    Thanks noname, and apologies on my end for jumping the gun. it’s been a shite day. :(

  • Cedar

    I’m hardly Adam Corolla’s biggest fan, but I’m willing to give him some credit just for one episode of Loveline I heard. This must have been close to ten years ago. One of the Insane Clown Posse morons was the guest, and a young woman called in. She’d been raped at a party while she was passed out,and wanted to know what to do next, and was wondering if she had actually been raped. The Insane Clown Posse guy told her that it was her fault she was raped, because she’d been drinking–or saying that she wasn’t raped at all. Corolla stepped up and told her it wasn’t her fault, and kept trying to shut up the guy–telling him he was wrong and that he believed the caller and apologizing for him. Poor chick was sobbing on the air, and Corolla was the one leading the charge to actually give her good advice; Dr. Drew didn’t say a word.
    There was another time when they had some Right-to-Lifer guest on, and Corolla used some pretty simple questions and reasoning to make it clear that he thought the woman, and her organization, were full of it. Again, Dr. Drew said nothing, which pissed me off–as the doctor, he would have more clout than Corolla, even though he did manage to hold his own.

  • noname

    Jessica – The funny thing is, when I commented earlier I had a serious déjà-vu moment (which I now realize was because I was plagiarizing my own comments from two years ago), but did not remember the 2006 thread. It was only when Momo said, “we could start a whole blog solely dedicated to ranting about how shitty the Man Show wasâ€? that I thought, “Wait a minute…â€?

  • hendmik

    Jeesica, thanks for pointing out how shitty the video is for boys too. I’ve always maintained feminism isn’t just for women and shallow tripe like this hurts everyone with a shred of dignity.

  • http://closetromantic.blogspot.com cyn

    “Or do you really think Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel are in fact misogynists who think women only belong in the kitchen, the bedroom or “wife school”.”
    Well, Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend is everything but quiet. She has her own tv show and makes jokes on all the things you shouldn’t joke about.
    It think the Man Show makes fun of the stereotypes of both men and women. A bit like Borat making fun of the stereotype we have on foreign people.
    So yeah, this doesn’t worth a gastric crisis from my part. Let’s look at the real people who really, really mean it. Like Doctor Whatever from Tobes’ link. Those are the ones that really cross me. These ones are comedians you can take or leave. This bloke calls himself a DOCTOR, and not many people dare to doubt what doctors say. They went to medical school, didn’t they?

  • Momo

    Sorry Jessica, i didnt mean to come off as critical about posting that piece (msn did link to it in a news piece, right?). I guess I was more trying to make the point that getting mad about that show seems pointless because I think thats a reaction the producers/creators wanted. I remember getting literally exhausted being a feminist with lots of comedy central watching guy friends who would kind of get a kick out of watching me get all riled up about that fucking show. I do appreciate what people are saying though about how it was poking fun and furthering male stereotypes too – but the sexist shit just always seemed more hurtful, so my approach was to just not acknowledge its existence. Know what I mean?

  • IncredibleKates

    Wow, NOT funny. At all. Sometimes I find that I laugh a little at things that I feel like I shouldn’t, but this was intense, especially because of the cheering in the background.

  • artemiscuous

    i agree with some of the other commenters – this is supposed to be making fun of sexists by showing how unreasonable they are and how messed up their priorities are. i generally agree with everything on this blog, but i have to disagree here. i mean, it seems like a parody to me, not like “zomg how cool would it be if this were actually true.”

  • Persephone

    I get that this is satire(the “I’ve stopped getting my period” joke gave that away), but I think it would be a lot funnier if there weren’t actually men like this in the world.
    My dad actually has told me that he wants a woman who knows how to be quiet.

  • noname

    “My dad actually has told me that he wants a woman who knows how to be quiet.
    UGH!” – Persephone
    So what? Some people want to spend their life with the life of the party, some want to spend it with someone more quiet. I am a relatively calm, quiet guy. Would you have an issue with women who have appreciated that about me?

  • Tori

    I think there’s a major difference between “knowing how to be quiet” and being a quiet person.
    Knowing how just seems to imply that the person had to be taught, that they aren’t naturally that way.
    Just my opinion…