Monday Monty Blogging (mirror image edition)

I was traveling all last week, so here’s a pic from a couple of weeks ago when Monty went to go visit his brother in Woodstock. Even when separated by a glass sliding door, they like to chill together.

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  • MyBabyPanda

    Jessica I seriously LOVE Monty! I just wanna kiss him and give him a tummy rub and pet his soft ears!!!! He is the cutest!!!!!!

  • Shard

    I heart Monty. I demand my own monty clone!

  • Liza

    I wish I could take Zelda to visit her sister. But I don’t actually know the woman who adopted her. Plus, she lives in Savannah and I in NY.
    But it would be so much fun to see the two of them together. Talk about trouble.
    I just hope that Zelda’s sister is as spoiled rotten as Zelda is. Judging by the fact that her mom brought her a sweater when she picked her up from the shelter, she probably is. Their mom, too, they were all in the shelter together.