Prisons and STDs

Check out my latest at the Nation. It is about the connection between rate at which STDs spread and its relationship to the rate of incarceration in communities of color and how prisons are a feminist issue and should be on the agenda of the feminist movement.

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  • realityfighter

    It took me a minute to find the article on that crowded page, but wow.
    I’m glad they pointed out that this problem isn’t just a matter of criminals having riskier sex lives – which was the exact conclusion my mom jumped to when I read her the first part of the article. :P

  • dananddanica

    Great to see these two issues brought together. Hard for me to read some of it, I only have experience with California and Maine prisons but to say women -sometimes- have it worse than men, while perhaps true on an individual basis, it is nowhere near true on a group basis. What prisons and LE do to PoC is horrible and seldom do we look at the full range of issues it brings up, good to see it. Personally I think part of the reason treatment of male prisoners is so poor, especially in relation to sexual matters, is because of the disposability of men in our culture, especially so for poor men and men of color.

  • david

    Thank you so so much for this post and the article. I feel that prisons are one of the most neglected topics facing us today.
    Not only is the rate of rape and sexual assualt and exploitation higher than in any other community, but these “corrective facilities” do nothing more than cause psychological trauma and reinforce notions about violence and sexuality that we are trying to fight against.
    The problem of course is that at somepoint all these people, or at least many of them will be released, and as a society we will be accountable for our failure as we see the cycles of violence continue.
    What I really cannot understand is why the prison issues to not get addressed more often?? Why are there only two posts??? Do so few people think there is anything to say on this issue?