Hysterical women giving and getting props

I’m thrilled to introduce the Hysterical Festival, a fantastic project aimed to give women in comedy their due. While there seems to be this general conception that women aren’t nearly as funny as men, these ladies aim to defy that stereotype and take the cake in hilarity. And Feministing’s next NYC Happy Hour is going to be at their April event, a comedy show sponsored by BUST magazine taking place at Comix, an all-women owned comedy club in New York (which are hard to come by).
BUST Magazine Presents
The Hysterical Fundraiser
8 pm. Monday, April 14, 2008 @ Comix
A night of fierce female comedy hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (VH1, MTV2), including performances by:

Heather Lawless (Flight of the Conchords, Be Kind Rewind, Variety SHAC)
Adira Amram (Upright Citizens Brigade, Jane Magazine)
Rachel Feinstein (Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival)
Ophira Eisenberg (Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”, US Weekly Fashion Police, VH1)
Mel and El (NY Musical Theatre Festival Concert Series Ars Nova)
Bridget Everett (At Least It’s Pink at Ars Nova)
Feministing Happy Hour will be held from 5:30-7:30 pm.
(Featuring our signature Feministini cocktail!)
Click here for tickets.
The great thing about this project is that not only are female stand-ups being recognized, but also sketch performers, improvisers, cabaret acts, comic musicians, solo artists, writers, filmmakers, burlesque divas, and more.
Hope to see you there!

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  • Maeve

    They should get Lisa Lampanelli and Margaret Cho in there too! Or is this event only supposed to be for female comics who haven’t made it big yet?

  • natmusk

    This makes me sad because there are no such fun things in Northwest Indiana.
    Although I am going to a speaker on how international law negatively effects women in patriarchal societies…I doubt there will be drinks or laughs there though

  • Penelope111

    “They should get Lisa Lampanelli and Margaret Cho in there too!”
    Er… do you have, like, $20,000 to pay them to come? I’m pretty sure the point of having a fundraiser seven months before the festival is to make money to eventually bring out big-name talent.
    Or, you know, if you want to bring Margaret Cho as your +1, feel free.
    Also: Comix is not a woman-owned comedy club. It is all BOOKED by women, but not so much owned.

  • jfaustus

    just catching up on feministing reading after being on vacation and immediately bought tickets for the SO and myself. hope to see some folks there!