Quick Hit: Forced marriage high and difficult to document.

It is difficult to track the rate at which women are being transported out of Great Britain and forced to marry. Similarly, it’s difficult to actually know how many cases of domestic violence and rape occur. But the few that are reported should be enough for some actual changes.

While a government unit investigating forced marriage deals with just 300 cases a year, the true figure could be up to 4,000, the Home Office-funded study into the issue said.
There are 300 inquiries about the issue every year in one town alone, said the report’s author Dr. Nazia Khanum, citing figures for Luton, a town with a high immigrant population.
“It’s a reasonable assumption that it is the tip of the iceberg,” she said, noting that with rape and domestic violence only 10 to 12 percent of cases are thought to be reported.


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