Samhita’s Feministing Story

This is what happens when you don’t sleep perhaps. But here is my story.

OK, I am mostly kidding, except the part that Jessica and I did randomly reunite and I guess it was fate, because we went on to collaborate on something really great. I am so glad to be a part of this rich, diverse and interesting community, that challenges me, propels me further and keeps me up do date on the pulse of the feminist movement.

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  • Ann

    HAHAhahaha. “The Tony Soprano of feminism”? You are brilliant, Samhita.

  • EverythingisImage

    dude! best one yet! can we be friends?

  • Grumpypants2000

    Wow, An ethnic slur on Feministing! I really expected more (especially from Samhita). It’s not funny, and it wouldn’t be funny if you did that joke with any other ethnic group, either. It wasn’t funny in 1984 when the Reagan campaign made those accusations against Geraldine Ferraro, or when Rudy Giuliani makes those jokes about himself, and its not funny on a blog where people are supposed to know better…
    I know that racial minorities really do have it worse, but this still hurts, and I just don’t think there is an *acceptable* level of racism. When was the last time you saw a positive depiction of an Italian-American on TV or in the Movies? There are people who have to put up with those stereotypes in real life, and it’s not pleasant.

  • Commodore08

    What the hell, Grumpypants? Ethnic slur? Stereotype? Did you watch a different vlog than I did? How is referencing a known tv villain in joking that your friend is pushy, meeting any level of racism?
    “I’m not tryin’ a die.” lol Samhita=nerd. And I mean that as a compliment…

  • femmeecrite

    Samhita, you totally rock. Love the sense of humor. Keep on keepin’ on (by which I mean, writing great posts and being hilarious).

  • crshark

    Samhita, that was High-larious!
    Best line: “Well, Jessica Valenti is not going to talk to me, so I’m just going to move to California”
    And who can blame you? Which Diner was it?

  • Nazrafel

    ROTFLMAO. Awesome Samhita. So glad that Jess was able to strong arm you into writing. Our gain. :)

  • FEMily!

    I think Grumpypants2000 should change their name to Grumpypants5000. Yes, they’re way past even 4000.
    Anyway, I’m going to try to work in “I’m not trying to die” in my daily speech. It’s definitely a phrase that transcends context and can be inserted in any conversation, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. “I baked a cake today. I’m not trying to die. I just love confections.”

  • JustAGrrrlGeek

    Ok, I had to re-watch this to see if there were any slurs present…turns out theres just a Tony Soprano reference. I think that’s more…fictional characterist.
    Also, I’m with FEMily, “I’m not tryin’ a die” is my new favourite phrase. Heheh, confections…

  • Sonya Klarson

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