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Thank You Thursdays: When I Grow Up…

TweetThank you to the brave women of the feminist movement for making it normal for girls and women to entertain a range of career options. When my grandmother was young, she knew she could either be a teacher or a nurse. She chose teacher. When my mom was young, she thought she might be a [...]
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The Ol’ F-Word Debate

TweetDoes is matter if women identify as feminist or is just important that they live feminist values? It’s a question that has haunted the movement for ages. It came up quite a bit for me when I was teaching gender studies at Hunter College. I could see that I was reaching the young women in [...]
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Quick Hit: Solidarity Politics

TweetEveryone should check out Ann’s great piece up at The American Prospect Online about identity politics and this election. Among other things, she makes the salient and totally neglected point that every election is, in part, about identity politics–even when every candidate is white, old, and rich. I chuckled at this bit: After all, Clinton [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: The Delivery Man

TweetI turned the last page on this gut-twisting dystopic novel, authored by ex-politico Joe McGinniss Jr., yesterday while cramped in an airplane, headed west, and I felt trapped. I couldn’t get the amoral world of artificial sexuality and economic exploitation, set (surprise, surprise) in Vegas, out of my mind. And a question kept buzzing—like the [...]
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I miss you too!!!!

TweetHey all! I just wanted to give a quick hello and let all you lovely readers know that I am still around, but you may have noticed I haven’t written in a while. I recently had some unsavory circumstances which forced me to evacuate my apartment (I will explain all next week), along with being [...]
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