Following up on a few posts

Because of the huge volume of stuff we blog about here, we (regrettably) don’t always have time to follow a story to its end or report on the variety of responses it garners around the blogosphere. In an effort to be better about that, here are a few updates to recent posts:
Latoya at Racialicious responds to those creepy anti-statutory rape ads, bringing in a class- and race-conscious analysis to clear up some misconceptions from our comments section. Please, check out her post.
We blogged about Canadian doctors refusing to perform pap smears on single women (a story originally reported at RHRealityCheck) earlier this week. The key source for that article has a post up making clear that this is anecdotal, second-hand evidence. The story as she told it is absolutely true, she says, but this is obviously a call for more in-depth reporting on the subject. (No, Ms. Pedgehog, you’re not being a bitch about this! It’s a valid point.)
The Marine charged with raping a 14-year-old Okinawan girl has been released, and Condi Rice expressed her “deep regret” over the incident.
To clarify, the sports bra ads that we blogged about last week were spec ads, meaning they were created by a third party never approved by the company for public use.
Colorado state Rep. Larry Liston — you remember him, the one who called teen moms “sluts” — recently visited a school for teenage mothers. I highly recommend this account of his visit. After a long awkward conversation, he finally apologizes to them, face to face: “I uttered a word which I regret and I apologized for. It’s a word I don’t use. Scout’s honor. I never use it. I regret it. I am sorry.” Uh, except for that one very public time he used it? Seriously, though, the article is great: read the whole thing. (Thanks to Libby for the heads up!)
And finally, I mentioned in Sunday’s Weekly Feminist Reader that our awesome feminist bloggy pal Sara at F-Words recently found out she has a brain tumor, and will be undergoing surgery to remove it. Please send prayers, thoughts, good vibes, etc. her way. And if you want to do something a bit more concrete for Sara, there’s a donation button in the upper-righthand corner of her site.

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