A Feministing Win: Rape shirt pulled!

Via Hear Me Roar, we find out that David & Goliath has pulled the oh-so-funny rape t-shirt (at least online, it seems). First Wal-Mart’s panties and now this – we’re on a roll, folks!
But don’t worry, they still have the classic “I’m too pretty to do math” shirt. (Sigh.)

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  • http://tobestalks.blogspot.com Tobes

    SHUT UP! I’m linked to on feministing?!?!? Pardon me while I dance around like a total dork/crazed fan.
    But seriously though– this is why I thank God every day for the internet. Connecting all the feminists together– muhahaha, we are unstoppable! Thanks for helping get rid of crap like this!!!

  • http://www.randommusingsonlife.blogspot.com/ GottaBeMe

    AWESOME!!! When I wrote my complaint letter, I was less than nice and skeptical that it would have any effect. Glad to know I was wrong!

  • Kate

    I think it was on feministing… wasn’t there another shirt about rape recently on here? Maybe it was on a different site, but the manufacturers pulled that too.

  • Oskar

    That’s fucking brilliant! Awesome work, Feministing!

  • jessilin79

    Oh, ugh, I found another one. Not sure if it’s for sale or not, so I don’t know who to complain to, but…
    Good lord.

  • Ismone

    I would so love an inversion of that shirt;
    “I’m to good at math to care about being pretty.”

  • http://givingbydesign.blogspot.com rachelgbd


  • http://born-stubborn.livejournal.com syndicalist702

    w00t!!! Congrats!

  • llevinso

    That’s really awesome.
    What about that CafePress shirt (or maybe it was a bumper sticker?) that was on here a while ago: “My son date raped your honor student.” Did that get pulled? Anyone know? That was just HORRIBLE!

  • Virago

    That shirt was really offensive, and I’m glad it’s been pulled. However, what really bothered me about it was that the “woman” wearing the shirt looked more like a teenage girl. These people are disgusting.

  • http://elayneriggs.blogspot.com Elayne Riggs

    Hey, if the “I’m too pretty to do math” is marketed to men as well, I don’t think I’d mind.

  • Tuba Terry

    Wow, I saw that yesterday and didn’t realize that company now has a terrible reputation in at least two communities. It turns out that the owner/founder of David and Goliath is also a bit of a plagiarist.
    Fortunately both issues seem to have been resolved relatively well.

  • Kate

    Thank you! That’s the one I was thinking about. They pulled it! Hahah, after I complained, I got an e-mail back saying “We’re sorry. That product no longer exists. Thanks for writing! ” haha.

  • llevinso

    Yea! That one really made me sick Kate.

  • dananddanica

    good stuff.

  • Simplejewel

    Congrats! Sisters really are doing it for themselves!
    Unfortunately, Debbie Downer here must show you that they still have this lovely gem which reads
    “I swear I didn’t know she was 17…” with a picture of a teddy bear.

  • gingerakimbo

    I went back to yesterday’s post on this subject and clicked the link that formerly went to the awful t-shirt…now it goes to a shirt that says “Miss Bitch”. Think David and Goliath are trying to tell us something?

  • http://evilslutopia.com/ EvilSlutopia

    Not only does the original link now go to the ‘Miss Bitch’ shirt instead, but if you look on the side of the page you’ll also see this lovely message:
    “Special 10% OFF code for all our friends @ http://www.feministing.com!
    Just enter the discount code NOMEANSNO
    So I’d say they’re definitely trying to tell us something, and in such a clever and hilarious way. Only, you know, not.

  • Jaina

    Hah! Nice job! It’s good to feel like I’m part of something and actually making a difference instead of just sitting wringing my hands and hating the world! :)
    10% off, eh? How very TEMPTING.

  • http://blacksnob.blogspot.com The Black Snob

    Yes. That made my world feel a little better. I’m glad I wrote that email equating them with the KKK.
    For just this one moment, for this one victory, pat yourselves on the back fellow feminists.
    Well, played, woman folk, well played.

  • K.T. Slager

    Unfortunately, they still describe “tank top” style shirts as “wife beaters”.
    And it just INFURIATES ME.
    FUCK YOU, DAVID & GOLIATH TEES. To which address may I send complaints?

  • MLEmac

    I giggle at the fact that they mention us on next to the “miss bitch” shirt. Think we touched a nerve? I like being called a bitch in this context. I take it as a compliment. I just take it to mean “strong woman”.

  • cooper

    I saw that plagiarism thing last year at Boing Boing. It seems Todd used to be well known for his “boy bashing” tee-shirts,(Guess he went the other way), even got listed in Bernard Goldberg’s book,”100 people screwing up America” – some time back.

  • http://youtube.com/jennaow jennao

    yah … i agree them calling us bitches is somewhat of a compliment — i mean i think it makes them look worse than anything — with all their offensive content i wouldn’t want to be the sweet apple of their eye! they seem really bitter… way to take it in stride david and goliath!!

  • Nicole Brice

    Yay! I am so proud of us!

  • moglidabear

    if you didn’t have chance to wet your pen the first time ’round, don’t worry, there’s still more work to do.
    check out this gem

  • Mina

    “if you didn’t have chance to wet your pen the first time ’round, don’t worry, there’s still more work to do.
    “check out this gem”
    Before I saw your post and checked out that gem, I saw that pic and the original version in the middle of this page:

  • Lucy

    not only do i HATE people for coming up with stupid shit like this, but i hate it even more when girls decide to contribute to all this. they disgust me.
    oh, and i truly believe that those shirts should immediately be hunted down and BURNED!

  • Laser Potato

    No, they should have the front designs rubbed off (if they’re cheaply printed, which I think they are, they’ll rub off frighteningly easy) and used as car-cleaning rags.

  • sunzheng