More Feminist News!

Black man vs. white woman – The Boston Globe: “Hillary Clinton contends with gender stereotypes, and Barack Obama with racial ones. Which bias runs deeper in the American psyche? The answer does not bode well for Clinton.” (Oppression Olympics defined. Just check out the graphic!)
Vaccinating Boys for Girls’ Sake? – New York Times: “Will parents of sons consent to a three-shot regimen that has been marketed as benefiting girls? How do you pitch that to Gardasil Boy’s parents? Think altruism. Responsibility. Chivalry, even? Oh, and yes: some explicit details about genital warts…” (Shocker: this is in the Styles section.)
Obama: First Female President? – “It has been a rarity in modern political life: a wide-open race for the nomination of both parties. But whatever happens from here on out, this campaign will always be remembered for the emergence of the first serious woman candidate for president: Barack Obama.”
Never Too Young for That First Pedicure – New York Times: “One recent rainy afternoon, Eleanor LaFauci, 7, sat with her feet in open-toed foam slippers, admiring her toenails, freshly painted watermelon pink. ‘Look, we’re reading an adult magazine,’ Eleanor told her mother, gleefully waving a copy of People…”
Want the government to pay for your sex change? Go to Iran. – FP Passport: “Last fall, Passport noted that more sex-change surgeries are performed in Iran than in any other country except Thailand. Ayatollah Khomeini approved them for “diagnosed transsexuals” 25 years ago, and today the Iranian government will pay up to half the cost for those in financial need.”

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