I miss you too!!!!

Hey all! I just wanted to give a quick hello and let all you lovely readers know that I am still around, but you may have noticed I haven’t written in a while. I recently had some unsavory circumstances which forced me to evacuate my apartment (I will explain all next week), along with being really sick a handful of times and I am finally recovering from a bout of strep throat! Boo!
But I wanted to say hello, in case you missed me, and let you know that I miss you (!) and I will be back in full blogging form next week.
Also, a cute video to lighten the pain of my absence.

She is so rock-star!

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  • poopytoothpaste

    I can’t think of a better way to start my day than a video clip of a budding girl rock star! The cuteness factor also helps. Thanks for sharing.

  • banana44

    unbelievable! how old is she? my son just barely knows the words to ‘jingle bells’ :)

  • Nina

    cutest baby i’ve ever seen :]

  • Natalie

    It’s such an adorable video that I hate to spoil it, but it’s actually a boy … there are a ton of videos listed at http://www.youtube.com/user/heroisborn . Very cute watching!

  • stickybetty

    WOAH. he hit EVERY note.

  • Fenriswolf

    OMG the cuteness! That kid is awesome! He seems way too tiny to be that good :o

  • Frenchwoman

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