More Feministing stories…

Jessica’s been bugging us all for weeks to each record our “Feministing story” about how we came to write for this blog. (See Jessica’s here.) So I took a minute today and recorded mine:

(Yes, it’s very dreary day here. Not that the view out my office window is much cheerier on a sunny day. Woot, downtown DC!)
So now I’ll join Jess in nagging: where’s your video, Vanessa? Samhita? Jen? Courtney? C’mon, ladies!
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  • oliviaw

    I love that you used the word “activisty”! These videos are fun, especially in between Ann Coulter and snarky college pieces.

  • kissedadrunkgrlx

    ann, i really like your haircut. and your use of the term “activisty.”

  • Fenriswolf

    Wow Ann, how succinct! :o :D
    Thanks for that