If Hillary Wins…

hillary_clinton.jpgMORE magazine, one of the best women’s magazines for high quality writing and a complex take on women’s lives, has a fascinating feature up on their website: If Hillary Wins… A range of feminist authors, politicians, and activists weigh on what they think a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like. Some samples:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, especially chosen to administer the oath of office, in place of the traditional Chief Justice, did not produce a Testament, Old or New. Instead, she pulled out a tattered copy of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique and held it to the new Commander in Chief to swear her oath upon.
-Linda Hirshman, Get to Work
After Hillary is elected, she will realize that male presidents have been too freaked out about their own sexuality to help others. She however, having had to think long and hard about how sexuality has affected her personal and political life, will be ready for some national action on the topic. Given her personal experience with a sexually undersocialized husband, she will correct two administrations of neglect and opposition to sex education and make it a serious priority.
-Pepper Schwartz, Prime: Adventures and Advice on Love, Sex, and the Sensual Years
I was sure the first woman president would be to the right of Dick Cheney, that she’d appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and that we’d later find out she herself had had an abortion for tangled reasons that would rival Larry Craig for hypocrisy. The anti-woman woman — like Nixon going to China. So imagine my delight that we’ve got Hillary as our first! You can call her ‘establishment’ all you want, but believe me, the establishment never had cleavage.
-Gloria Feldt, Send Your Self Roses, mentor extraordinaire to so many young feminists

Why can’t the gals at MORE start a substantive, little sister magazine for us whippersnappers?

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  • Bethany

    Might be a while before this comment shows up, as it is my first.
    “I also don’t think Obama has much cred on reproductive rights and women’s issues.”

    2006: Obama Received A 100 Percent Rating From Planned Parenthood In 2006.
    2005: Obama Received A 100 Percent Rating From NARAL Pro-Choice America In 2005.
    http://vote-smart.org/issue_rating_category.php?can_id=9490 for the complete list of 100%’s from 1997 on.
    There was the Equal Pay Act in Illinois that he co-sponsored, or the bill he was lead sponsor on that gave victims of sexual abuse the right to take leave from work for treatment. I can find more links if you need more documentation of his commitment.
    “It baffles me how any woman, much less any feminist could take a good look at these two candidates and come down strongly against Hillary.
    Do you honestly think that Obama can singlehandedly enact more changes than Hillary? If so, what personal qualities does he possess that give him this edge?”

    The personal qualities that I see are that he does not alienate conservatives. He opposes them, but he doesn’t generate the kind of blind rage that both Clintons seem to in those folk. I’m afraid that if Hillary is the nominee, the election will be about her instead of about Bush. I think that would be a huge missed opportunity. None of the folk that I left behind in Texas when I moved to Berkeley would consider voting for Hillary. All of them would consider Obama. I dunno why he doesn’t set them off the same way she does, but there it is. Again, if you want links to conservatives saying that Obama doesn’t set their teeth on edge, I can dig them up.
    my two cents,