Feministing’s start…and a new blogger!

For anyone who ever wanted to know how Feministing came to be, here’s the (probably too long) story of our start and how we know each other. If you can stand to sit through my rambling, though, you’ll get to find out about the very cool new blogger we’re bringing on board. (More to come in a future post on that…)
Don’t worry folks, I promise from now on I’ll keep these things under three minutes. And learn better editing skills. As for my penchant for subtitles…I’m not making any promises.

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  • jfaustus

    I like the subtitles. Could be a teeny bit shorter though…
    Good feature. Keep it up!

  • http://www.stefanhayden.com Stefan Hayden

    love the director’s commentary to go along with the video.

  • Jessica

    jfaustus, don’t worry. that’s the longest you’ll ever see me speak. unless we meet in person, then you’re in trouble. ;)

  • http://www.glossandspray.blogspot.com/ kristin jane

    Love the video blogs Jessica (yes, even the ranty overly subtitled ones)! Glad you addressed how this all came to be, I know I’ve been curious!

  • http://thewordwarrior.wordpress.com/ EverythingisImage

    oh please, don’t stop talking. keep it up, lady! (just as long as you do remember to breath) that was great–can’t wait for more fun feministing stories.

  • jfaustus

    can I have the subtitles if we meet in person? now that would be cool.

  • http://sayingnothingcharmingly.blogspot.com/ Christina

    It was fine and the subtitles were awesome. Don’t change any of that, especially the subtitles.
    I only have one suggestion.
    (as if you give a crap, right? (c;)
    /channeling my inner Monk/
    Please for the love of Cod straighten the picture over your left shoulder!

  • String_Bean_Jen

    I loved the subtitles! They had me laffin’. I hope to see them in future videos. :D

  • sarasvatip

    Could you please check out the antiAsian racist comments – Tantric Tootsies erc)in Erica Jong’s article in circumcision on Huffintgton Post today and bring it to the attention of your readers?

  • annajcook

    Hey! The subtitles are like The Word on the Colbert Report!
    And hooray for Miriam Perez . . . I’m an avid RadicalDoula reader :). It’s like all my favorite feminist writers on one blog!

  • Kristin

    I love the new addition of video blogs! How awkward does it feel to be talking to a camera? I tried to send a video message to someone the other day and I was laughing hysterically thinking about how awkward it would be if someone walked in on me talking to myself.

  • http://rebelgrrrl.wordpress.com/ Stephanie

    This makes me want to recover my strangely absent webcam… I love feministing on youtube–definitely keep it up! :-)

  • http://www.foulpapers.com/wordpress shannan

    I love feministing and I understand that you need to advertise in order to keep the site going, but the ads have become so intrusive that I’m no longer able to read Feministing on this website. I have to use Bloglines in order to access the post, and often it’s cut in half. Would you consider changing the RSS feed to export whole post, or just not using such aggressive rollover ads on the site? I know this concern may seem offtopic, but the reason I’m bringing it up is that I can’t watch the podcast. Every link I tried to click on in this post was blocked by a circuit city ad that I couldn’t close out of. Half the ad was apparently transparent or some kind of roll over, and I’m just very frustrated. Hope this feedback comes through as constructive criticism, as that is how it is meant. I appreciate your work very much.

  • Jessica

    Thanks Shannan, I’m definitely going to talk to the company that deals with our ads about the rollovers and weird ones that seem to fly over the screen–we all think they’re a bit much. And I’m so sorry (to you or anyone else) if the ads have gotten in the way of you reading the site.
    As for the RSS feed, I’m not exactly sure how we can get the whole post to the feed, but I’ll look into it. (And if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!)
    And we’re all about constructive criticism, so no worries!

  • http://www.religiarchy.com religiarchy

    Great video Jessica, nice to know how you got started, and I like the subtitles too. Very Colbert.
    (PS: If you’re using FeedBurner or one of those, there is a toggle option in the settings that allows you to change to full posts on your RSS feed.)

  • http://www.foulpapers.com/wordpress shannan

    Thank you, Jessica! I really appreciate your taking the time to answer. I’m not sure what kind of format feministing uses, but if it’s a wordpress blog, you can change the rss export under Options -> Reading -> Syndication Feeds: show full text. That only works if you don’t use the “more…” feature, though, so you may already have those settings and it’s just a post-by-post sort of issue, in which case you don’t need to do anything.
    Since my original comment I’ve watched the video over on YouTube. It’s great. Love the subtitles!

  • http://journals.aol.com/redwall33/TheMindofGenevieve/ UneFemmePlusCourageuse

    The video’s coming up for me as no longer available.

  • http://journals.aol.com/redwall33/TheMindofGenevieve/ UneFemmePlusCourageuse

    Never mind.

  • http://www.ibloviate.org jer_

    I found the length to be fine. I really like this format quite a bit! The only changes I’d make (and these are really minor quibbles). The editing was jumpy, but that will come with practice; and the camera is in what I like to call the “Vblog” angle… chopping off the top bit of your head. If you could just pull *slightly* back or pan *slightly* up… it would be perfect.. :)
    Again, great job though, thank you!

  • http://www.atyourcervixmovie.com AJ

    Thank you for calling out the feminist old guard who hasn’t been able to fully include youth and young women in a real way. I protested this over and again at conferences in the 1990s and so many of us were frustrated that our concerns and voices were not being heard. I don’t go to such conferences anymore so I don’t know what it looks like now, but there are many more youth conferences now which is great. But is that just ghettoizing youth voices? Is there any real integration? Not in my experience, and of course, I’m no longer, “the youth”!