Breaking News: Bisexuality AND gay couples exist

This is almost as obvious as the recent study revealing that (gasp!) bisexuality is an actual identity and not a phase; more new research shows that same-sex couples not only can maintain a healthy and committed relationship, but are just as happy and committed as your average heterosexual couple:

The researchers found that all the couples had positive views of their relationships, but the more committed couples (gay or straight) resolved conflict better than the heterosexual dating couples.
The belief that committed same-sex relationships are ‘atypical, psychologically immature, or malevolent contexts of development was not supported by our findings,’ noted lead author Glenn I. Roisman. ‘Compared with married individuals, committed gay males and lesbians were not less satisfied with their relationships.’
Roisman added that gay males and lesbians ‘were generally not different from their committed heterosexual counterparts on how well they interacted with one another, although some evidence emerged the lesbian couples were especially effective at resolving conflict.’

Who woulda thought.

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