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This is not an invitation to rape me

TweetCara points us to this great anti-rape campaign from several years back which was put out by Peace Over Violence. Like Cara, my only criticism would be that most of the ads seem to feature white women, but the messages are right on point. Check out a few more below the jump and on the [...]
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Weekly Feminist Reader

TweetKatha Pollitt asks WTF is up at the New York Times. What the word “Latina” means online. Is the Pill going over-the-counter in the UK? Yet another report confirms that even minimal sex ed is better than abstinence-only. The man accused of slipping his girlfriend the abortion pill against her will has jumped bond. Students [...]
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Your weekend send off (feel good edition)

TweetSorry we’re a little light on the posting, I’m still a bit jet lagged and catching up on emails. Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy a little bit of the most crush-worthy boy band ever. (Ad Rock…swoon.) Tweet
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What I wish I got for Christmas

Tweet Because then when someone makes an asinine comment, I could just silently point to the wall. Asinine comment via Chicagoist. Tweet
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Un-funny shirts and transparent woman-hate

TweetYou know, I’m aware that gross people can make all sorts of ridiculous things on Cafe Press, but this struck a cord with me. Because it’s so telling. The vitriol directed at Hillary Clinton’s run is so mired in misogyny that it’s exhausting just keeping track of it all. But I think the message on [...]
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