Monday Monty Blogging (Multi-dog edition)

Monty was very happy to be home after spending a week in the country (Woodstock muddiness above), especially since he got to play with his bestest friend Phoebe the Pug. Check out their reunion after the jump. Also making a cameo after the jump is Teddy, who kept me company while I was in Santa Rosa over the holidays.

Phoebe asks for the bone nicely before taking it forcefully.
Hide and Seek.
Teddy does an impressive cookie trick.

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  • PamelaV

    I think pugs are..not the cutest dogs but that one in particular is stylin’

  • Heatherinspring

    Awe! Is that the “treat on nose until someone says go and then it gets flipped up and eaten” trick? My (now passed away) pup did that when I was a kid. But only for Dad.
    This may be a 10:46pm on New Year’s Eve and a few cocktails in comment–but oh well!
    Happy New Year!