What I wish I got for Christmas

Because then when someone makes an asinine comment, I could just silently point to the wall.
Asinine comment via Chicagoist.

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  • UCLAbodyimage

    Ah yes. Very useful.
    I just recently joined the facebook group: “Against gay marriage? Then don’t get one and SHUT THE FUCK UP (UCLA Chapter)”
    In other news, I also joined “I just tried to fort the river and my fuckin oxen died (UCLA Chapter” along with “Grad Students: They’re not bad people they just made bad life choices”

  • PamelaV

    you can get the book to make these :)
    It’s “Subversive Cross Stitch”

  • http://www.randommusingsonlife.blogspot.com/ GottaBeMe

    Of course, since either getting an abortion or putting the baby up for adoption are decisions that womem make lightly and thoughtlessly, and are just ways to deny responsibility.
    Nevermind that giving the baby up for adoption to a loving family that can provide for the baby better than the mother can is actually putting the child’s interests above those of the mother. No, it’s just irresponsible. Clearly the ONLY responsible choice is to have the baby.

  • MissMay12

    GottaBeMe: Thank you for saying something intelligent in response to that bullsh*t when all I could think to say was “arrrrggghh, F**K.” And thank you for preventing me from throwing something as a result.

  • judgesnineteen

    wha? In that second story, when it noted all the benefits mothers get in other countries but not in the US, and then said, US mothers are doing well but should still try to get the support they need, I thought (silly me) that they were going to say we should lobby for those programs we don’t have here. But no. They forgot about all of that and went back to telling women how to live their lives – right after saying that women are succeeding even without doing it their way. Wow.

  • WinnieMcGovens

    “Even good girls can get pregnant, even if it’s their first time.” Of course because only “bad girls” have sex, and I guess birth control just doesn’t exist?
    I’m kinda tired of all the “Whoops pregnant” movies, glorifying the woman who can’t go through with abortion. Not to knock down those women who decided they couldn’t go through with abortion, but I’m just tired of the message “If you had an abortion you were thoughtless and lazy.”

  • http://feministstotherescue.blogspot.com FEMily!

    I’m kinda tired of all the “Whoops pregnant” movies, glorifying the woman who can’t go through with abortion.
    That’s because if these characters did go through with abortion, the rest of the film would be about her “dealing” (probably not dealing) with it. A movie about a female character who gets an abortion and moves on with her life, which is what usually happens in real life, isn’t interesting. But conservative nut jobs are now citing movies to support their point that young single women are making the “right” decision not to have an abortion, even though these movies aren’t even based on actual events. They don’t want 16-year-old girls taking a page out of Jamie Lynn Spears’ book and having a child out of wedlock, but they do want a fictional character like Juno to be a role model for young women. It makes absolutely no sense.

  • Liza


  • http://skinjob007.livejournal.com/profile Smartpatrol

    Susie Bright is a good cure-all for all sorts of nonsense.

  • http://www.beelisty.com/ The Slant

    Liza and others –
    You should definitely visit my friend’s x-stitch shop! You’ll love her stuff!