Un-funny shirts and transparent woman-hate

hillaryoj.jpgYou know, I’m aware that gross people can make all sorts of ridiculous things on Cafe Press, but this struck a cord with me. Because it’s so telling. The vitriol directed at Hillary Clinton’s run is so mired in misogyny that it’s exhausting just keeping track of it all. But I think the message on this shirt gets to the heart of those who are so incredibly incensed that a woman (and a powerful woman, at that) would have the audacity to run for president: It’s not enough to say that she shouldn’t run–she should be killed. And not just killed, but murdered via domestic violence. If that’s not fucking transparent, I don’t know what is.
What better way to send the message that women who dare to seek power deserve to have it (and their lives!) violently taken away from them.
Thanks to Kayla for the link.

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