Un-funny shirts and transparent woman-hate

hillaryoj.jpgYou know, I’m aware that gross people can make all sorts of ridiculous things on Cafe Press, but this struck a cord with me. Because it’s so telling. The vitriol directed at Hillary Clinton’s run is so mired in misogyny that it’s exhausting just keeping track of it all. But I think the message on this shirt gets to the heart of those who are so incredibly incensed that a woman (and a powerful woman, at that) would have the audacity to run for president: It’s not enough to say that she shouldn’t run–she should be killed. And not just killed, but murdered via domestic violence. If that’s not fucking transparent, I don’t know what is.
What better way to send the message that women who dare to seek power deserve to have it (and their lives!) violently taken away from them.
Thanks to Kayla for the link.

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  • A male

    Well, thanks for the responses. This is a real problem for me.

  • PhallusPhair

    RightWingMikes comments are hateful but not any more than some of the hateful misandric ones that get bandied by some of us, eh systers? Remember the OJ trial? Some of this same outrage poured out for that weak prosocutrix who threw one softball after another to OJ’s defense team. It took two white-male, pitbull lawyers in his second trial to get something resembling justice. Modern “Feminism” continues to mask racist, misandric attitudes that go back to its true roots in the WKKK. Don’t mention Hillary with a true leader like Bhutto — she was for democracy for everyone, not just for women.

  • toodlin

    Some posters rightly cite this as hate speech, and hate crime is very new territory. Censorship is essentially what we’re talking about here. Words can be violent in tone, but they are not in themselves violent. The harm done, if any, is psychic. I understand the objection, but it is hard to put your finger on where the line should be drawn, especially when something is simply displayed on a product, and not delivered at your person by some other person. This is slippery territory, and I would so much prefer that everyone be entitled to speak their mind, than have some “content” in speech be simply disallowed. Anyone can see the malicious tone here. Where hate crimes legislation goes in the future is interesting to me, as a woman and a lesbian. For every guy like this, just think, what kind of a presumably adult person would waste their time on this activity? We have a country of moderates by and large, and we have many freedoms, I wouldn’t want to see them restricted. I think an equally offensive t shirt would be appropriate…I know there are so many outlandish things that I find funny…like “I lick RightWingMike’s Big Throbbing Clit”…you know, be creative