Anti-feminist mailbag (Now I need a shower edition)

This one is the best. Perhaps my favorite hate mail ever, in fact–just because it’s so telling.

Dear Jessica,
There is absolutely no reason for you to have an opinion or talk, because all women are insignificant pieces of meat. The only thing you femme cunts are good for is cooking dinner and remaining quiet while getting fucked in your tight asses.
If you were my wife, I wouldn’t let you out of your cage to do anything other than cooking, cleaning, and blowing me while I watch porn. Really disgusting porn to – the kind that degrades and objectifies women, because women are only put on this earth to clean and get fucked.
To recap: Women are not as smart as men, are not capable of using logic, and therefore must be treated like dirty little whores. Go back to fucking your smelly vagina with plastic dicks, because you can’t get a guy to fuck your femme cunt ass. You and all your girl power sisters can gargle my balls.

Quite the romantic, yes? To recap: Someone is very, very afraid of women. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go gargle. Have a great, anti-feminist free weekend everyone!

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  • A male

    If an abortion opponent would really like to get down and dirty, they would need to mourn every lost sperm and egg that *would* have met to produce future babies, if only man X had had unprotected sex with woman X on a given day, at a given time, in a certain method or position, to allow that single sperm cell out of 100 million, and that ova to meet. And maybe the “good” sperm would only have come from the fourth ejaculation while hanging head down in a love swing.
    How many Einsteins has humanity been deprived of, simply because we are not screwing everyone around the world, popping out children, all the time, to obey God’s command in Genesis and to take full advantage of all our genetic possibilities? If a woman has a period in January without being impregnated, have we lost the only cure for AIDS and cancer? If a man masturbates on Friday because his wife refuses sex, have we lost the bringer of peace to the Middle East? If a woman gets her tubes tied at 30, have we lost the next Elvis? Lame.
    Or is that what the Catholic Church really has in mind?
    I do not mean to discourage or frighten any future mothers, but it is true. The simple fact a child is born healthy and survives is a miracle. But it’s not for everyone.