Anti-feminist mailbag (Holiday edition)


Jessica, I am surprised your husband allowed you to take time away from the stove and your other household duties to start this ridiculous email about the “offensive” panties. By the way, SANTA IS NOT REAL!!! You have set the bar extremely high for the next hypocritical idiot who talks out both sides of their mouth. Did you mention to anyone at Wal*Mart that you have a web site that can be accessed by anyone of any age (such as the young girls who I am sure have now turned to prostitution because of these horrible panties) that advertises VIBRATORS in big colorful ads? You need to get barefoot, naked, pregnant, and back in the kitchen where you best serve a damn good meal.

Santa isn’t real?!!!! (Cries into coffee.)

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  • Vervain

    “”You need to get barefoot, naked, pregnant, and back in the kitchen where you best serve a damn good meal.”
    Gosh, if only he’d suggested you pre-chew that meal for him, he could’ve passed for a Ferengi!*
    *The Star Trek geeks will get that joke. Of course, the irony is that the Ferengi were meant to be a extreme caricature of outdated sexism. At the rate we’re going, future viewers of Star Trek reruns will relate better to the Ferengi characters than the human ones. Ouch.

  • nerdalert


  • Stephanie

    I’m 21 and out of the house now, but from the time I got my first vibrator when I was sixteen to the time I left for college I kept my vibrator in an old purse under my bed. My parents never found it!
    I was, however, lucky enough to have a mother who talked to me about the wonders of masturbation – its a good thing, too, cause I didn’t have access to a site like Feministing back then like you do!

  • Mike

    advertises VIBRATORS in big colorful ads

    Well, that’s just capitalism, dude. You wouldn’t sell very many vibrators if you packaged them in muddy-coloured ads with priests in them telling you how terrible and sinful they are. Well, not unless you were *purposefully* going for the Catholic masochist market.