Be my intern!

For anyone who is in the New York area and looking for an communications internship for next semester, please apply for a gig I have open at NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health. I need someone to help me with a number of different online needs for the organization, as well as assist with press operations. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved in online work down the line.
Note: Send all inquiries and resumes to Debbie Johnson, not to my feministing email. And keep in mind, this is not an internship for Feministing.

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  • norbizness

    “Be prepared for numerous coffee scaldings until you get my order exactly right.”

  • Sheila Kelly

    Here’s an interesting sort of “self examining” question. Does the applicant for the position have to be female? I’ve read about Christian organizations getting in trouble for requiring staff positions to be filled only by Christians. Could this position be filled by an anti-feminist male? I think we all honestly suspect that the successful candidate will be a female feminist. Not trying to start trouble as much as I am trying to start discussion.

  • bethora

    Summer 2008, possibly? For 3-4 days a week? I go to college in Minnesota, but otherwise I’d totally be up for the offer.
    (I actually had emailed Debbie a few days ago to see what sorts of summer internships the NARAL crew was heading up, so maybe I’ll be seeing you?)

  • bubblewrapgenie

    Why do I have to go to school in Indiana?

  • wickedzoot

    Sigh. Just one more reason being an engineering major is the suck.

  • Vanessa

    Summer internship is a definite possibility, keep in touch for sure!
    And to answer the other question, of course the candidate is not required to be female, and I doubt an anti-feminist would be interested in working for me.

  • Sheila Kelly

    But I think you get my point. Say what you will, but when you think of who your intern will be you are thinking of a feminist woman.
    When you select the intern, let us know who you hired.
    It’s like a friend of mine. She’s a judge and African-American. She realized after awhile on the bench that when she was setting bonds for young offenders she was imagining white offenders having a stable solid middle-class home to go to and imagined young black offenders as living in unstable ghetto situations. What is interesting is she grew up in a wealthy family in a wealthy suburb.
    Which is my point about the intern. Say what you want but you will almost certainly hire a female feminist. Its just an interesting lesson in how insidious and sneaky prejudice can be.

  • fatsweatybetty

    I think MOST people who would be interested in an internship working with a repro rights organization would be female feminists. Should she feel obligated to hire someone who doesn’t fit that description just to please you?

  • SmallTownPsychosis

    SK- I don’t get your point.
    “Non-feminists” are not a protected group.
    Go back to EEOC 101, pleh.

  • Sheila Kelly

    Boy are you all missing the point! The point was — and my point was obviously well-made since your response was so visceral — that prejudice sneaks into all of us in many ways.
    Any one who read this request for an intern imagined the succesful candidate as a female and probably a feminist female. If you say otherwise you are just lying. We need to fight these kind of sneaky prejudices in all of us. A guy opens a sportings good store that he’s dreamed of all his life. He advertises for a manager and his first candidate is a woman. He just might realize that deep inside he had imagined his manager as a man. We all ask people to fight these insidious prejudices. My point was to illustrate with the intern story how these things happen and we all have to be diligent to fight them.
    And “smalltown psychosis” you need to avoid legal matters because your assessment is way off. Employment common law clearly holds that you can not discriminate for factors unrelated to the actual performance tasks of the job.
    Two examples: the Democratic National Committee fired a receptionist when they learned she was an active Republican. They lost the lawsuit and paid out back wages and damages.
    An anti-smoking activist lobby group fired an employee when they learned they were a smoker. Again they lost.
    To be an intern for a feminist organization one must neither be a woman or a feminist. SHEESH we ask others in our battles for feminism to open their minds and imagine new paradigms. It is very interesting that some of you reacted so negatively to being caught doing the same thing we ask others not to do.
    My point is simple: We all assumed the intern sought should be a woman and a feminist. We ALL need to learn to think in a more open way!

  • sunburned counsel

    Sheila, your point is fine, but you’re being really aggressive in making it. Do not assume for everyone. YOU may have been envisioning that “the intern sought should be a woman and a feminist” but that does not mean that EVERYONE did. Vanessa’s post says nothing, and you are the only comment that mentioned it. You are clearly trying to pick a fight.

    It is very interesting that some of you reacted so negatively to being caught doing the same thing we ask others not to do.

    No one was reacting so negatively and no one was “caught”.
    It is interesting that you made an assumption about who would be a good intern, and I would have been interested in hearing about why, within yourself, you made that assumption. But I did not, nor did anyone else posting imply they did. You’re picking a fight with air. I certainly assume that anyone applying to work at NARAL would have an interest in reproductive health, but that’s about it.

  • GamesOnline

    Summer internship is a definite possibility, keep in touch for sure! games