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On Iran’s first female race car driver.
Henry Hyde, who worked hard to ensure that low-income women were denied reproductive health access, has died.
Related: Medicaid covers penis pumps, but not abortion services.
I’ll take “gender parity” for 500, Alex: This season, 52% of Jeopardy! contestants were women — a vast improvement for a show that historically skews male.
This Christmas, most girls are asking for toys designed with boys in mind.
Whatever happened to all the lesbian feminists?
Hillary Clinton’s AIDS plan would strip out requirements that anti-HIV/AIDS programs discuss abstinence.
The New York Times characterizes Barack Obama as “postfeminist.” WTF? (A longer post on the article to follow…) And Michelle Obama chatted with Rebecca Traister.
A new site, Abuse Aware, documents violence against women. (It features many of Donna Ferrato’s groundbreaking — and heartbreaking — photos on the subject.)
On the unacceptable lack of coverage of Latasha Norman‘s disappearance and death. The major cable news networks couldn’t find a few minutes in between all their Stacy Peterson updates to talk about Norman?
Extreme anti-choicers are flush with cash.
Sexist gamers rate the breasts of sexed-up video game heroines. Barf.
Did you have any idea that one of Bush’s first actions in office (right after reinstating the Global Gag Rule, I’m sure) was to require that all women in the West Wing wear pantyhose at all times? Ugh.
How about some decent Hollywood biopics about black women?

Massachusetts gets 35-foot safety buffer zones around women’s health clinics.
More deeply problematic language and comparisons from Mike Huckabee.
Feminists in Sweden are demanding the right to swim topless in public.
Our Bodies, Ourselves talks to Hillary Clinton about women’s health initiatives in her health care plan.
Miss Landmine Angola is a beauty pageant for landmine survivors.
In case you had any doubt at all that anti-choicers aren’t just anti-abortion — they’re anti-contraception.
An important post on the Saudi gang rape and threats to Muslim women.
Shockingly, the 1950s weren’t really a golden era for women in college. (Jill has more.)
On Disney’s booming “princess business.” Plus, Deborah Siegel has a scathing review of Enchanted.
There are fewer women at the very top of the business world.
Stephanie Coontz on why marriage should be a private institution.
The major price hike in campus birth control prices has been all over the mainstream media lately. Now everyone needs to lean on Congress to do something about it before the end of this session.
Older white women are going to Kenya as sex tourists.
A follow-up on the panel discussion with leading voices in the opt-out debate.
A Wisconsin man accused of drugging his girlfriend to induce abortion against her will has been released from jail on bond. (We’ve said it before, and will say it again: forced abortion is NOT pro-choice.)
A Spanish woman is murdered after she rejects her boyfriends on-air proposal.
More on Hillary and misogyny.
There will be an open mic and abortion speak-out in NYC on December 14. Click here for more info.
And South Dakota DV shelter Pretty Bird Woman House needs your donation — they need to buy a new building after their old one was broken into and burned down. (via Boltgirl.)
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