I (still) heart The Onion


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  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    “only for age 17 and younger”! Ahahahahahaha! Hilarious!

  • Daniel Burk

    Heh. I knew that had to be an Onion bit as soon as I read the headline.

  • lauraborealis

    Haha! That’s a great start to my day. Too funny.
    TLF, nice to see you again! (I know you have no idea who I am, but I’ve always enjoyed your comments and your blog.)

  • http://www.writtenonthebody.wordpress.com JaneDoe

    lol “Plan C”

  • kamikazebirds

    Actually, not to burst the hilarity bubble, but the “Rx for ages 17 and younger” isn’t part of the joke; it’s just part of standard Plan B packaging.

  • luxdancer

    Just for anyone who might be misled:
    Rx stands for prescription – as in “You are required to talk to a doctor before being allowed to have this drug if you are 17 and under”. So in context, it implies that in order to be re-impregnated, you have to talk to a doctor first.

  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    lauraborealis, thanks! Your name looks familiar, so I think I have probably seen you around here before :)
    kamikaze/lux, thanks for the clarification. I had not realized that… still hilarious, of course :)

  • carolina girl

    That’s too funny.
    Regarding Plan B, I am part of my local Planned Parenthood’s Fill My Pills team and was highly impressed with a pharmacist the other day whom, when asked to explain what Plan B is, was very certain to let me know that Plan B is not an abortion pill as is commonly believed. I really, really appreciated her for that.

  • VT Idealist

    I love the line ‘Not intended to replace responsible choices in life.’ That gets right to the crux of the issue.

  • Mina

    I am vaguely reminded of the Bochox packaging, except that product exists. :)

  • IncredibleKates
  • http://skinjob007.livejournal.com/profile Smartpatrol

    Woot! Thank you Onion & Feministing. That made me laugh after a particularly hard slog in my Retail Drone job today.

  • Bloomberg

    Barring manna from heaven or an extraordinary scientific discovery, it is safe to say that civilization will not survive in its present form. This is not to make an ideological point. There’s just not enough planet to maintain culture as we now know it. Our addiction to the automobile will have to be addressed because even if or when sustainable energy sources arrive on a widespread, global scale, we do not have an infinite supply of metal. Tastes will change as we readjust to agricultures and industries closer to home. Water will become, as it should be, precious.
    Given this material backdrop, ideologies will of course change. Perhaps the current rhetoric of rational economic man will be seen retrospectively as rather mad. The cult of individualism may wane when we realize in full how dependent our individual existences are on others (since we are all in effect sharing the same pie, having more means someone else having less). And change will be traumatic. Extreme economic crisis has historically precipitated extreme ideologies.