More in misogynist pencil products (who knew?)

Apparently there’s more than one woman-hating pencil product out there. First there was the headless doggie-style sharpener, and now Shakes shows us this: Lusty Linda the pen holder.

You’ll note from the packaging that Lusty Linda can utter “8 lusty sayings,” which fall into one of two categories—”good mood” or “bad mood,” controlled by the click of a switch. Says one site (screen cap) that sells Lusty Linda, “too bad all women did not have such a switch.” Ho ho ho!

Her “bad mood” sayings include “Ow,” “Help, Help!” and “Get out you, you dirty old man.” You know, because rape is hilarious.
Recently “men’s rights activists” scoffed at the idea that we were offended by the pencil sharpener, which blogger Glenn Sacks wrote “depicts a conventional, common sex act which women enjoy.” (What woman enjoys fucking without her head, I don’t know.) I wonder if they’ll find more excuses as to how “Help!” and “Ow!” are actually cries of unabashed pleasure.
Cara puts it well:

This promotes rape. If you buy one of these things, you are promoting rape. If you laugh at one of these things, you are promoting rape. If you don’t laugh but still think that it’s a harmless joke, you are promoting rape. If one of your friends has one, or thinks it’s funny, and you don’t say anything about it, you are promoting rape.

How many more times do we have to say it? Rape is not funny.

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