Monday Monty Blogging (yoga sleep edition)

Monty is all tired out from a long weekend in Woodstock, NY, as evidenced by his peculiar sleeping style. Unfortunately, because Monty was super excited all weekend, he managed to hurt himself–and me. He’s all limpy from what I can only imagine was all the sprinting around in the woods (the vet will tell me more, hopefully), and I have just been informed that I’ll be wearing a patch for the next week because of a dog claw to the eye I got during a little roughhousing. (Pirate feminism…could work, I suppose.)
And a little something extra: my father complained to me this weekend that not once in my Monday Monty Blogging have I mentioned Monty’s brother Banjo. I got Banjo for my parents at the same time Monty came into my family. They are obsessed with each other and whenever they’re together they’re either wrestling, sleeping (on top of each other) or eating (out of the same bowl). Check the boys after the jump… (And Dad, no more bitching!)


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