Monday Monty Blogging (yoga sleep edition)

Monty is all tired out from a long weekend in Woodstock, NY, as evidenced by his peculiar sleeping style. Unfortunately, because Monty was super excited all weekend, he managed to hurt himself–and me. He’s all limpy from what I can only imagine was all the sprinting around in the woods (the vet will tell me more, hopefully), and I have just been informed that I’ll be wearing a patch for the next week because of a dog claw to the eye I got during a little roughhousing. (Pirate feminism…could work, I suppose.)
And a little something extra: my father complained to me this weekend that not once in my Monday Monty Blogging have I mentioned Monty’s brother Banjo. I got Banjo for my parents at the same time Monty came into my family. They are obsessed with each other and whenever they’re together they’re either wrestling, sleeping (on top of each other) or eating (out of the same bowl). Check the boys after the jump… (And Dad, no more bitching!)


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  • SarahMC

    Aww! I love when they’re all spread eagle like that. I can’t even tell which one is which in the last photo. My doggie and I were with my parents and their beagle all weekend, so there was lots of seeing double all around.

  • D’apostrophe

    Aww.. I wish my dog had a friend. But he’s got way too many issues. He tends to growl at other dogs. Anyway, Monty’s so cute, you’re so lucky!

  • Blitzgal

    Okay, it’s so awesome that your dad reads your blog. Am I a dork for being impressed by that?

  • String_Bean_Jen

    Awww, Monty has a brother! How cute are they?! Havin’ a lil’ snooze together. Yay! There’s nothing like a lil’ sibling love.

  • SarahMC

    No, Blitzgal, I was super impressed as well.

  • MLEmac

    My dog sleeps the same way. It amazes me that he doesn’t get a crick in the neck from sleeping like that.

  • jgr4

    Watch out, you might be mistaken for a Pastafarian with that eye patch!

  • laurie bird

    Awwww! How cuddly!

  • Mary B

    You’re so lucky your dad reads your blog! Whenever I’m around MY dad, he just talks about the “liberal conspiracy” or whatever the latest shit from Limbaugh or O’Reilly is. Heh.

  • Jill

    Well, having met Jessica’s dad, I can verify that he is the coolest. And it doesn’t surprise me that he reads Feministing — I’ve never seen a dad as proud as he was at her book party. It was really sweet.
    And Banjo? Adorable. I demand more double-dog pictures.
    Sorry about your eye, Jess — hopefully your parents are kinder than mine were when I had to wear an eye patch as a kid. My dad spent the whole week “Aargh!”-ing at me and calling me “matey.”

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