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Happy Halloween!

TweetDespite the creepy “Slut-o-ween” nastiness and costume racism, Halloween can be a good time. I mean hey, free candy right? So, let’s celebrate: What’s the best costume you ever had? Mine was this great ballerina get-up my mom put together for me when I was in pre-school that I would later puke all over. Sicked-up-on [...]
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Can you even the score on housework?

TweetI find the question of who keeps the house clean a fascinating one. Maybe because I am a total slob and I pretty much don’t know anyone my age that is married and stays at home or has the time to do most of the cleaning in the house. But there are couples that do, [...]
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Isn’t Barbie scary enough whole?

TweetLet alone dismembered and made into fashion accessories. Ok, now repeat after me. Dismembered women’s body parts are not funny, or ironic, classy or a message for recycling (as in this case). They are gross and a reminder that women are continually objectified in compartmentalized ways, where they are judged for a piece or section [...]
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Beware the “abortion task force”

TweetMissouri Governor Matt Blunt has put an anti-choice group in charge of convening a task force in his name to investigate the “impact of abortion on women.” Of course, every member of the task force is anti-choice. I’m sure this will be an “objective overview of the impact of abortion.” The forced-pregnancy movement uses tactics [...]
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Guitar Heroine or sexbot?

TweetLeft, Judy Nails in a previous version of the game. Right, in the latest version. When I picture guitar heroines, they’re usually sporting jeans and a tank top. Or menswear. Not the case in the Guitar Hero video game, apparently, where all of the ladies wear midriffs or bikini tops. Cara laments the sexing-up of [...]
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