Vaginas are the new black (so long as you don’t call them ‘vaginas’)

The New York Times Style section had a cover story (!) this weekend on the term “vajayjay.” For reals.
I’m glad that the lack of non-sexist euphemisms for women’s genitals is being discussed, and I actually find ‘vajayjay’ kinda endearing. Though I’ve also been a fan of ‘vag’ for a while. (For example, when at a male-dominated party a couple of years back, me and all my girlfriends dubbed ourselves “Team Vag” for the ensuing beer pong games.)
So…what’s your favorite vagina-related pet name?

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  • thaswassup

    I like to call mine a magical wonderland.

  • ghostorchid

    My partner and I call mine my “hyena”. I know hyenas are sort of ugly animals, and also vicious, but I kind of like the idea that I have a vicious, ugly, laughing vagina. Really though, I just think “hyena” – if detached from the beast – is a pretty, intimate-sounding word. It refers to my vagina and surrounding region.
    i.e. “My hyena is hungry.”

  • caratronic

    A few years ago, my best friend and I discovered this term, which her 13-year-old sister and friends had been using. I love it!

  • SouriezLaJoconde

    I actually really like the term vajayjay. It describes exactly what I want it to, since the word vagina doesn’t. It definitely lends itself to a more playful context, but that’s the kind of girl I am. Besides, if I don’t take it too seriously, maybe it’ll be nicer to me every couple of weeks…

  • pachakuti

    Vagina, amusingly enough.
    For the whole genitalia, I like to say “girly bits” and I refer to my boyfriend’s genitals as “boyly bits”. Because I think it’s hilarious.
    Unfortunately, some people who maybe didn’t think it was funny so much as brilliant have started using it seriously.

  • georgia

    Vagina is just fine but I also like Twiffer.

  • florafloraflora

    I don’t know, I think I might have to promote “hyena” or “fine china” to the top of the list. Best names EVAR.

  • Jem

    Ladies (and gents), I gotta say I really needed the laughs – especially today. This is a great topic…hyena? lunchmeat?
    I actually like O’Keefes…Anyhow, to the post that asked, chocha is PR slang, yes. Root of it? Don’t know. Although I will say that you will also hear it (in a series with other colorful words) when something like slamming your toe on a corner happens…

  • Liza

    I use vajayjay all the time…mainly when my dog stands up with that region pointed at me and I announce that I have a face full of dog vajayjay.
    I’m always open to new vaginal slang.

  • ohkateso

    When I was little, probably somewhere around 3 or 4, I dubbed mine my “boobus toobus,” which still remains an endless source of amusement to my parents. Now I’d have to say “twat” or “the goodies” is probably my favorite.

  • Liza

    haha, lbacher , I had that exact thought when I saw POTC2. Thought I was the only one.
    I was talking about it with my friend and said something like “when Jack Sparrow got swallowed by the giant vagina-monster” and all my friends looked at me like there was a vagina-monster growing out of my forehead.

  • Thepeat

    I prefer “Vagina,” but said in the voice of Julianne Moore.

  • itsaluckystar

    my favorite word for vagina is “coochie-snorcher” from the vagina monologues, though i don’t think i’ve ever used it in conversation.
    a coworker of mine calls hers “yum-yum”
    in conversation with friends i tend to rely on vag and twat… though i think i might have to bring “fine china” into our vernacular. when i’m away from my friends though, i’m not afraid to say vagina in public, in fact i kind of enjoy it… it makes some people uncomfortable.
    until about second grade, i thought the word vagina was virginia… so i was always hesitant to say it out loud when we were learning geography– “jamestown… vir…gin…ia?”

  • Eef

    I like ‘my womanly parts’ or my ‘cooch’ or ‘My pretty kitty’

  • Tara K.

    Hmm. I don’t have any favorites but I do have a LEAST favorite, awful one. Growing up in redneck central, they always used derogatory language to refer to the vagina, and it was – or course – representative of women b/c women are only their sexual organs.
    These guys would always call it “split tail,” as in she’s split down there. Sentence use was usually, “I’m gonna get me a piece of split tail.”

  • kittycat

    I’m perfectly comfortable calling it my vagina, no matter who I’m talking to be it my doctor or my boyfriend. To specify parts of the vulva I just say ‘clit’ or ‘lips’ or whatever.
    I actually had this conversation with some of my girlfriends recently, and we went online to look at lists of slang terms for the vagina, trying to find ones we liked the best. One of my favorites was ‘honeypot’ because of how positive it sounded. It never caught on in my daily speech though because saying it makes me feel juvenile, the same way I feel when I say pussy. Like a cop-out. If I had to choose a slang, I would go with cunt because of how powerful it sounds.
    Funny aside: One of my friends has named hers LaTuna Canyon from a street sign in Texas. Maybe instead of slang terms we should be thinking up names.

  • ecclescake

    Jem – O’Keefes is amazing! Heheh. I am fine with nicknames (not euphemisms) for vagina; there are plenty that people prefer to use for penis too. We have non-scientific names for lots of other things too that aren’t really problematic. Like belly, I love my belly, not my stomach! I’m gonna experiment with some your suggestions. Fine china’s a good one.

  • rileystclair

    i usually say vag or lady parts, but i’m ok with vajayjay (or bajingo–seriously, it’s so ridiculous that i have to like it).
    i’m not really into cunt or pussy when used anatomically. as far as i’m concerned, they are tainted words that have been transformed entirely into insults after a long history of use in that context. i do enjoy calling people “cunts”, though.

  • Cindermoth

    Mine’s name is Rosemary, but I like calling a spade a spade and a cunt a cunt. I remember absolutely appalling a bunch of guys when I said the word “clitoris” in front of them… good times. People are cute when they’re shocked.

  • Tze Ming Mok

    There is a great episode of Scrubs where Elliot’s plotline is based around her inability to say ‘vagina’, despite her being a doctor, and having one. Vajayjay and Bajingo were pretty hilarious in that context, and with me being a foreign-type, I’d never heard them before. Now I realise that Americans actually use these terms. Crazy! You people and your waspy comedic television lives! I’m voting for ‘fine china’ now, also.

  • grimwomyn

    yup- my daughter and I use “Yoni”
    though I have to say- if I ever have a boy I would be at a loss for an empowered word……

  • Bellecamino

    Wedding vegetables.
    British slang (I assume, heard it on Top Gear, could be just him) and absolutely love it. Context was for male bits but I think it could be either, really. And it’s pretty absurdly hilarious.

  • Shadowen

    I’m a guy, but I like twat. It just looks and sounds so unlike anything either derogatory or sexy that it can only be a term of endearment.
    Though I’ve never been able to determine with pronunciation is correct: rhymes with at or rhymes with shot. I prefer at.

  • Jem

    Alas, ecclescake, it was peepers who first mentioned O’Keefes

  • ProdigalPatrick

    I’m fond of quite a few, depending on the context in which they’re used. I love Yoni, cunt, twat, vag, vagina. I had always viewed cunt as being one of the more derogatory terms for a woman’s genitals, but I’ve realized that any word is as offensive or harmless as you make it. My partner tends to like the word cunt, which actually surprised me at first. I’ve actually become more addicted to the word.
    I’ve never really been fond of the word pussy though. Perhaps it’s the prevalent use of the word in macho-culture – Using the word to emasculate one another (and in turn, perpetuating the perception that women are inherently weak). This, I’m saddened about, especially on my monthly trips to visit my family (3 brothers, all of whom have little to no regard for civil rights in general). Sorry, big tangent.
    Yes, we often hear “twat” and “cunt” used in immensely profane ways, but I generally see them used as a means of debasing a person’s rude behavior. I don’t know if the distinction is so great though. It’s much like using the word “dick” or “prick” when describing a person (usually a man) whose behavior is just unpleasant – period.

  • somethingrather

    eeclescake, wait! how can you enjoy calling people cunts? you are just reinforcing the idea that cunts are bad things. you may not want to call your own that, but calling other people that clearly reinforces the idea that it is derogatory.
    and btw, i don’t know the history behind vajayjay except greys anatomy. if that’s the source, what’s the problem? a strong black woman came up with the term, which we all should own. it’s no more childish than the other nonsensical words.

  • anon-chan

    Ooooh! Senorita! I like that one.
    Am I the only one that uses the term ‘vagoo’?

  • ecclescake

    I didn’t say I enjoyed called people cunts… ah, it was the person below me. Cunt does roll of the tongue (er… don’t take that out of context!) very well as an insult but I’m very aware of the connotations of that and won’t even attempt a defence. Mind, so does calling someone a complete dick. Does it make it okay if we use both? Hmmm.

  • itallfitsinmycar

    My cat’s name was Vanessa, but my mother, for some unknown reason, couldn’t remember her name. So she called her “Bajingo.” I never explained it.
    Thus, it’s my favorite.

  • ivoryalleykat

    I grew up without any word whatsoever to differentiate my vagina from the rest of my “bottom.” Therefore, when I did learn those clinical words, I was fascinated with them. These days, I’m usually happy with ‘vagina,’ and try to avoid words like ‘pussy’ and ‘cooch,’ even for reclamatory purposes. The only time I was finding ‘vagina’ awkward was in some intimate situations with my fiance, so we had a little brainstorming session: I didn’t like ‘pussy’ because of its pornographic connotations, but I did like that it seemed like something furry, soft, and attitudinal. “What else is soft, furry, and opinionated?” I questioned.
    “A chinchilla?” he replied.
    And thus, the soft, furry, quirky, nippy, mellow, adorable term CHILLA was born.
    ‘Fine China’ is a close second, though.

  • ShifterCat

    Grimwomyn: since “yoni” is Sanskrit, you could always use that language’s term for the penis: “lingam”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the Latin and Greek “phallus”, mind you.
    When explaining what various sex toys do (part of my job), I almost always use the proper medical terms, though I bite my tongue when people say “vagina” and mean “vulva”.
    Despite its use in macho culture, I’m fond of “pussy”. It seems to me to carry with it connotations of feline affection. I also like “cunt”, which apparently means “cradle” in its original tongue and is cognate to “cunning”.
    “Ladybits” and “boy bits” are terms I picked up here and quite like. “pink parts” is another one I’ll have to remember.

  • Tara

    I’m trying to use vulva, since apparently vagina is actually incorrect for most of the times we’re referring to it. I don’t really like any of the cute names, yet.