Happy Halloween!

Despite the creepy “Slut-o-ween” nastiness and costume racism, Halloween can be a good time. I mean hey, free candy right?
So, let’s celebrate: What’s the best costume you ever had? Mine was this great ballerina get-up my mom put together for me when I was in pre-school that I would later puke all over. Sicked-up-on tutus are some funny shit.

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  • nerdalert

    Where I went to university, there was a large recreation center called Ping, and when I work out, I turn beet red and sweat and smell and curse (like most people). It always amazed me that everytime I went, about half of the women there would be wearing full make-up, big hoop earrings, and short shorts with something written across the tuchus. And they never break a sweat. How is that possible?
    But anyway, I went as a Ping Girl. I wore gaudy makeup, bought big dangly earrings, a t-shirt, shorts, a thick headband in my hair, socks, and high heels.
    Almost everyone knew what I was with me telling them. :)

  • http://www.hotflashreport.com AnnRose

    The One Hour Martian. Some of you might remember the dry cleaning stores called “One Hour Martinizing”. Well, I got this creepy scary funky mask and wore black tights and a black sweatshirt. I wrapped myself in dry cleaning bags and hung dry cleaning hangars all over.
    I was the “One Hour Martian”. Oh well.

  • Hadara

    Best Halloween costume I ever had was Abraham Lincoln with a big gory gross fake bullet wound in the side of my head, and my friend as John Wilkes Booth, carrying around a play program and brandishing an antique gun, and yelling incoherently.
    Before that I was a good evil Alice in Wonderland, my apron covered in blood!
    I enjoyed the links you provided here and your commentary on Halloween! Great post.

  • JennD

    When I was four my mom made me a Big Bird costume. It was amazing– feathers on the head, shoe coverings that looked like his feet, gloves that looked like his hands– the works! I played dress up in it a lot and wore the head for years. One year it won me “Best Hat” contest at school.

  • tehlizzard

    My best costume was this year : Princess Peach and my boyfriend as Luigi. As annoying as the whole princess culture can be, Peach is a badass and I made the costume myself, which was so rewarding. Not to mention, we walked around all night saying, “Oh no, Bowser time!”

  • http://pinstripebindi.vox.com june

    Frida Kahlo. I used an eyebrow pencil to turn my eyebrows into bird’s wings, with the body of the bird drawn between them, and glued tiny clear beads under my eyes with liquid latex for tears, because she’s always crying in her self-portraits. For the clothes I just wore a lot of flowy, vaguely Mexican looking skirts from a thrift store and a shawl. Sadly, I couldn’t do anything crazy with my hair because it was short at the time. I regret every year that I didn’t think to have someone take a photo, but this was before digital cameras and cell phone cameras became ubiquitous.

  • Maria Ann

    My favorite costume was in kindergarten. I loved dinosaurs, so my mother sewed myself and my sister dinosaur costumes. I was green with light blue spikes and spots and my sister was green with dark green spikes and spots. We were awesome dinosaurs.

  • reptiles4eva

    I was the Old Food Pyramid for Halloween a couple of years ago. It was fun, and cheap (only the cost of a snickers bar!) http://www.flickr.com/photos/moomoobloo/54939377/

  • http://picasaweb.google.com/anna.faherty/Artwork violetlightning

    I think the ones here are the best:
    The Hershey Kiss, the purple crayon . . . and of course the pumpkin costume that got repurposed this morning on my little brother’s head!
    PS I carved a pumpkin with a picture of Stephen Colbert, and no one thinks it looks like him! Any thoughts? (The picture of that is also there)

  • Shells

    When I was in college, everyone always dressed up as a group. After four years of conforming to the group will to dress as herds of slutty jungle girls, slutty doctors, slutty summer campers, and the like, I’ve spent every year since in the costumes no one else would ever do with me due to their non-sluttyness. I love sports, especially football, so this year my “work” costume (yes my office dresses up) is our injured hometown QB, Matt Leinart , who is out for the season – in a kids Leinart jersey with eye black, and a sling on my arm. Tonight I’ll be a referee – complete with home-made penalty flags to throw at people dressed like I used to in college!

  • SingOut

    Question: How does one dress as a ‘Freudian Slip’?

  • thedivineash

    last year my fiance and i went as republicans. it was fantastic.
    this year him, my best friend, and myself all got gray t-shirts and spray painted them together to say “Berlin” and drew grafitti on them and were the Berlin wall. when we were together we were pre-tear down, and when we were apart we were pieces.

  • anomrabbit

    My favorite costume is definitely this year’s.
    I was standing outside of my school’s student union, talking on my cell phone. A group of Japanese tourists walked by and they all got their cameras out and took pictures of me.
    I am Bunny Lennox.

  • MoodyStarr

    I was a gypsy for Halloween one, too. I think I was in kindergarten, and we came back from vacation, and my folks said, “Oh crap it’s Halloween! What do we have here some flowing material and scarves? Oh a tambourine! You’re a gypsy.”
    The next year they spent a whole lot of effort into making a custom She-Ra costume for me, cause the store bought versions were lame.
    I’ve had some good ones and flops, like one year I tried to go as a Living Dead Doll, and everyone was like, “Why are you a bloody child?!”

  • ShelbyWoo

    When I was just over a year old, my mom took a pillow case and painted the Pillsbury flour package on it. She cut holes out for my head and arms and put baby powder in my hair. I was a “sack of flour.” It was a really neat idea (and free!)and one of my favorite costumes ever.

  • DrkEyedCajn

    SingOut, I’ve seen it done a couple of different ways. A combo of the two would be especially awesome: The first was someone else’s costume here; they were going to wear a slip with Freudian phrases on it (I guess, like “penis envy” and “Oedipus complex”). At the party I went to Saturday night, the person wore a slip and a giant beard, I guess to look like Freud. I think if you went with both a beard AND phrases, it could be super-awesome.

  • ekf

    I love retro TV characters as Halloween costumes. A few years ago, my husband went as the Greatest American Hero when I went as Punky Brewster. Then we went as Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers from the Match Game. We were invited to a superhero-themed party the next year, so he re-used his GAH costume and my best friend and I went as Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, respectively (from the old Kroftt superstars show). My costumes are definitely oriented towards the quality reaction over quantity — most people won’t know who we are, but the ones who do go kee-razy once they put things together.

  • http://inlinethumb01.webshots.com/23616/2928131430059195966S425x425Q85.jpg gee

    I was Cap’n Carl this year from Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

  • http://journals.aol.com/redwall33/TheMindofGenevieve/ UneFemmePlusCourageuse

    I think I wrote about this on one of the other Halloween-related threads, but: when I was four years old, I was a Holiday Inn. My mom decorated a box to look like a hotel (lots of windows) made the lettering to look like that of a real Holiday Inn hotel, and then gave me a little hat with the flower decal on it. Why was I a Holiday Inn? Because we had stayed in one in North Carolina that year, and for some reason I had liked it…and I was a very odd child.

  • http://www.guerrillagogo.org lizadilly

    Roadkill. Skunk, specifically.

  • http://www.guerrillagogo.org lizadilly

    Roadkill. Skunk, specifically.

  • http://jessharo.blogspot.com Jess

    Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, and Lady Liberty with No on 85 bumper stickers on my dress. I wore it again on election day.

  • Miko Monkey

    a home made captain picard outfit (I didn’t wear a bald cap or anything, just went as a girl Picard). I loved that thing…still have it around here somewhere…

  • http://www.pandagon.net Amanda Marcotte

    I was Prince one year. I had a purple velvet suit, a velvet hat, velvet boots and painted the word “slave” on my cheek, as he did at the time.

  • Jessetfan

    My mom made me a costume to go with this nursrey rhyme:
    Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
    To see a fine lady upon a white horse
    With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
    She shall have music wherever she goes
    She sewed me a horse and a princess hat and glued bells to my shoes. It was a pretty cool costume, and extremely unique. I think I was five or six at the time, although I might actually have been younger.

  • TikiHead

    My favorite costume I made was Bjorn Borg, member if an evil alien race of cyborg tennis pros. I was all in white, with hoses and wires crawling everywhere, blinking lights on my chest, and had one arm clad in dryer hose ending in a mechanical-looking tennis racket. I also had a headband holding my one mechanical eye (which had a prescription lens in it, so I could see).
    Last year I was Velma from Scooby Doo.

  • itsaluckystar

    three years ago, my girlfriends and i went as superheroes. no superheroes in particular, just brightly colored tights with boxers on top, a t-shirt and bright spandex sheets we tied into capes. we all had different colors and patterns, but a similar style, and ran around “saving people” so everyone knew who we were. so much fun.
    my latest costume was a giraffe. at 5’5″, i figure there is only one day a year i can get away with pretending to be a giraffe…

  • medea

    I dressed up as American McGee’s Alice a few years ago! It was a really cool costume. I even found little skulls to attach to the bow at the back of my apron. It took me forever to find just the right looking apron and quite a while to pick out the right symbols for the pockets.
    I considered pulling it out this year but I was going to be spending 5 hours sitting in lectures and then 5 hours in labs. And to top it off I woke up with a big headache this morning but couldn’t skip school.
    I put a picture up if anyone is curious.

  • Sidewriter

    I was obsessed with that Alice game, but I’d forgotten all about it!
    I was Cloudy With a Chance of Showers this year. I wore gray and taped polyfil all over myself and carried a squirt bottle. I’m 28, and just as he did my whole life, my Dad helped me make this one too. Mom can sew, but for some reason my Dad was always the Halloween Costume parent.

  • vin

    When i was in kindergarten my mom made this awesome hobo clown costume complete with a giant homemade bow tie, face paint, a stick with a handkerchief to hold my stuff. i looked so pissed in all of my pictures because my friends were wearing cool shit like poodle skirts and ninja costumes but the pictures are hilarious now.

  • Meredith

    This year I was dressed up as a strawfeminist! I dressed up as a scarecrow and walked around saying, “I hate men! Down with penises!” It took some explaining, though. :D

  • susanb

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