O’Reilly likes kids.

O’Reilly appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about his new book on the youth of today. I am scared that O’Reilly actually was near young people. But I remember teachers like him, the ones that did it to really set these kids straight. They sucked.
But now he has a book out about young people and how to control them and how they act in school. I wouldn’t normally pay attention this, but this got me. O’Reilly claims that wearing a burqa/hijab/veil, is an imposition of religion onto OTHER people. Huh?

O’Reilly and host Diane Sawyer are in agreement that today’s youth are unacceptably dressed. Indicators of this include the flaunting of low-hanging pants and burqas. Burqas, O’Reilly says, are an imposition of one’s religion on others. He alludes to such an expression of religion as a path to “chaos in the classroom” and an acceptable loss at the discretion of school administration.

Oh, I see, low hanging pants AND burqas. So too much exposure, bad-too little exposure, bad. No wonder kids are so confused and angry these days. All they get are mixed messages. And what do these two fashion choices have in common? It is probably young brown kids wearing them, so of course they shouldn’t be wearing them to school. My god, how did they even let them IN the school?
And you have to love the hypocrisy. First he chides the school district for firing a teacher to have the students pray and then demands that wearing a burqa in school creates chaos. Obviously for him, it is only an imposition of religion if it is not one that he adheres to.
(Oh and he hates on Colbert, so boo to him. AND, what is up with Diane Sawyer all, “thanks for saying I am pretty?” Barf.)
via Raw Story.

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