I am not exactly a Catholic enthusiast. . .

but, I have always thought nuns were really cool, to be honest. I mean something appeals to me about a simple life away from the consumer marketing of mainstream culture and the woes of relationships with men. But the whole, anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-gay, dogmatism kinda makes it a bad choice for anything other than sociological study on how religions make some people act crazy.
But this story does stick out to me, because it transcends some of the awful, bad, terrible communications strategy/PR of the Catholic church and gives us a sense of something real.
The real geekery of a nun.

Her cell phone has a custom ring tone. She frequents the Internet’s most popular social networking sites. She gets jittery when she can’t check her e-mail or post on her blog. She communicates with her family mostly by AOL instant messenger. And she’s a 50-year-old nun.
Sister Anne Flanagan has been a Daughter of St. Paul for almost 30 years, and lives with five other nuns in a convent upstairs from a Catholic bookstore near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. She teaches Bible study classes, edits Catholic books and magazines and roams the Internet looking for cool technology, although, she wryly notes, “a vow of poverty tends to limit one’s access.”

A nun excited about Wired. C’mon, that is pretty cute. The interview is worth a read, she talks about online prayer and mobilizing environmentalism through religion.

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