A call for media justice (and submissions)

Being a SUNY Albany alumni and all, I had to give the Women’s Studies department a shout-out since they’re seeking submissions for their 2007 Women’s Studies Conference to be held November 29-30th. Not to mention the theme for this year is “Media Justice and Feminist Futures.” Hot.
I actually helped organize the conference a few years back (and made kick-ass white chocolate chip and coconut cookies); it was an awesome experience with some great feminist discussion. Check out the site for more information and how to submit your proposals.

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  • UCLAbodyimage

    “Being a SUNY Albany alumni and all,”
    Yay SUNY-Albany! Go Great Danes! Woohoo!

  • http://irisira.blogspot.com irisira

    Seconding SUNY alums rocking the world!
    – SUNY Oswego Undegrad
    – SUNY Albany Grad

  • Jessica

    SUNY Albany undergrad is where I first got interested in feminism. They rock.