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Torn about the MySpace/MTV Edwards dialogue

TweetDid anyone else see this? You can watch now at MySpace (though it isn’t working for me right now), and at Here’s the thing. In theory, it was a great idea. Get a candidate to have a conversation with actual young people, and let other young people submit questions and their reactions online, all [...]
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Hey Slate: What. The. Fuck.

Tweet Okay, I’m all for sex issues. I’d just appreciate it if a leading online news magazine didn’t equate sex with a headless porned out asscracked woman. I’m also all for articles on butts. But I’d doubly appreciate it if said leading online news magazine didn’t feature only women as part of their charming slide [...]
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Quick Hit: Our pro-choice storage company takes a vote

Tweet Remember the awesome pro-choice Manhattan Mini Storage ad that attracted a shitload of media attention? Well, it looks like there’s been so much hoopla around the ad that they’re asking the public to take a vote on whether you think they should give “just the facts” or continue to bring the “edgy” advertising we [...]
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ShePhone makes me want to ShePuke.

TweetWhile it’s no big shocker to most of us that women feel patronized by pink gadgets marketed to them, this is the ultimate blood-boiling “girly” gadget I may have ever witnessed. Marie Claire’s October issue asked PopGadget’s founder to create the most “dream” cell phone for women — yes, the shePhone. (Look below the jump.) [...]
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Trans/intersex advocacy org attacked by NYPD

TweetThis is just despicable. On the fifth anniversary celebration night of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an organization that provides free legal services and advocacy to low-income people of color who are transgender, gender non-conforming or intersex, two of their community members were attacked and arrested without warning by the 9th precinct of the NYC [...]
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