Reading tonight in NYC, and some video fun

Happy Friday folks. If you’re in the New York area and want to come to see me speak and read a bit from Full Frontal Feminism, I’ll be at the West Side YMCA at 8pm. All the info is below.
And to get you revved up for whatever fun (hopefully feminist) plans you have tonight, please enjoy the above video of Le Tigre interpreted by Jem and the Holograms.
The Writer’s Voice Visiting Author Series Presents:
Jessica Valenti “Full Frontal Feminism�
Friday, September 28, 2007
8:00 PM
Admission Free and Open to the Public
Reading/Discussion/Book Signing
West Side YMCA– The George Washington Lounge
5 West 63rd Street (between Central Park West & Broadway)

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  • String_Bean_Jen

    You always find the greatest videos! That was awesome. How did this myanez do that? It wasn’t all-new animation, was it?
    Jem was awesome. I loved how big the dolls were. They could stomp all over Barbie any day. Plus, big dyed hair and glittery lame outfits were just my thing! Kimber was awesome, but I think Jetta was my favorite. She was in their rival band, the Misfits. So punk!
    I also loved the cassette tapes you could get to sing along to. They were all different colors as well. Aw, man. Nostalgia…

  • Jeanne

    Awesome – Jem meets Le Tigre. I think Jem was my first feminist icon… a music executive, a rock star, and a philanthropist. Not a bad role model for a cartoon.
    Have a great reading, Jessica!

  • lil_furnace

    Jem/Jerrica really did seem to have it all. But the Misfits? Now THEY were rockstars.
    Pizzazz vs. PJ Harvey

  • ankathry

    Oh, lil furnace, thanks so much, that’s awesome! These 2 videos have made my day. I loved Jem when I was a kid (and love Brita Philips of Luna now). Big bright hair was the coolest. One thing that totally bugged me, though (although this isn’t exclusive to Jem) — why wasn’t she totally offended that Rio could not only not tell that Jem and Jerrica were the same damn person, but was also totally content to fool around with “both” of them? He surpassed Lois Lane in stupidity.

  • Roxie

    Btw, I bought another copy of FFF to give to a friend today :)

  • Samantha

    I met Jessica!! woohoo! that totally made my week! the reading was so much fun. good crowd, great dialogue. really nice space. and Jessica is super nice and i have whole new reasons to worship her now. =)

  • Mz.Stilletto

    This video is the best!! OMG, how did you know that I’m doing a Jem costume for Hallowe’en this year?? ;)
    Love it!

  • Sonya Klarson

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