Images from the Aurora rally

Check out the slideshow of pictures from the pro-choice rally in support of the new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois.
Cara’s got even more pictures and details about the rally.

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  • Anonymous

    These are great photos!
    Also, I’ve said it on my blog, and I’ll say it again: the intermingling of the protesters confuses me. I bring it up because I’m curious whether this is common practice, and if there are just overly-cautious police where I live.
    Personally, I probably wouldn’t want to be standing next to an anti-choice guy at a rally, but I do have to give both sides credit for what appears to be peaceful coexistence.

  • String_Bean_Jen

    I would feel uncomfortable too, Cara.
    Thanks for posting all these links to pictures and round-ups, Ann! I should really be more proactive in seeking this stuff out, but when it’s linked right on the front page of my favorite feminist visited-daily blog, it’s so much more helpful to read all about it.
    I find it frustrating that so many pro-PP folks were outside but more anti-PP nutjobs got inside. That’s because they could afford to take the day off of work and sign up early, right?

  • UltraMagnus

    I know, I found that odd too. But it seems like it was peaceful, unless there were fights that broke out.

  • llamachameleon

    “I find it frustrating that so many pro-PP folks were outside but more anti-PP nutjobs got inside. That’s because they could afford to take the day off of work and sign up early, right?”
    You have to sign up in advance by phone, and the anti choice people are way better at convincing people to sign up and talk.


    I find this whole Aurora situation extremely scary. I recently wrote about it…I’m hoping that pro-choice advocates will become more outspoken about their own views, as that’s the only way I can see us combating the militant anti-abortion crowd.
    I wish I could be at the rally.

  • JenLovesPonies

    Didn’t even occur to me at the time that it was strange that we were mixed together. The set up was this: there was a sidewalk that was right next to the building where the meeting was. The sidewalk next to the street also went into a wide alley between the building where the meeting was the the one next door. The first building had a door about twenty yards into the side of the building, which is where they let people into the meeting. In the alley, past the door, there was a set of benches which seemed to be where some of the antichoicers were chilling. On the side of the door closer to the sidewalk, there was a tree under which all the PP stuff was. We were on the side walk, and we weren’t supposed to cross the street, but the about seven antis did and some choicers followed.
    I didn’t see a ton of rude interactions, though one choice girl kept holding her sign as close as she could to the jerk pro-lifer who got yelled at by the cop. Most of the antis were pretty quiet, except for singing.

  • lilianna28

    JenLovesPonies, I agree- I never saw anything odd with the mingling of the protesters, mainly because everything was very calm and quite civil. The only time I saw the two sides intermingling was at the city council meeting three weeks ago, when we all had to stand in line to wait for a chance to speak- and even then the conversations were calm, civilized, even pleasant at times. There were actual debate/ discussions going on in the lines. SO overall, not a bad bunch, other than the making stuff up to try to close the place down and being all judgemental and crazy and all that.

  • ProFeministMale

    Why do pro-lifers always look like shit at these protests, and have such unoriginal signs? I mean – “Dad for Life?” Can you come up with something better? Fucking Christ.
    I try not to go to those events, because I know I’d end up kicking someone’s ass and will end up getting maced for it.

  • era4allNOW

    I was there! With my mom and boyfriend. And actually, it wasn’t all ponies and rainbows. One anti-choicer by me almost punched one of the PP supporters behind me. Her fist was two inches away from her face when a police officer intervened. However, my mom was on the Chicago ABC news for their segment on this!!
    She is in the second shot, blue shirt, white round NOW sign. Go mom! Anyways, it was great being a part of it.