Backstory to Verizon rejecting NARAL texts

Via Matt, I see that Verizon’s policy chief is Tom Tauke, an anti-choice congressman from Iowa in the ’80s who lost a Senate bid to Tom Harkin in 1990. From a National Review article about the campaign:

…Tauke wants a constitutional amendment recognizing “the personhood of the unborn.” “When NARAL comes into the state,” Tauke says, “I’m not going to sit back and take it.”

NARAL apparently spent $100,000 to defeat Tauke. So is it really a coincidence that this man is policy chief of the only wireless company that (initially) refused to cooperate with NARAL?
(And this is a little off topic, but upon reading Tom Tauke’s name, my first thought was, “The Indian feather guy?” As the National Review article mentions, his campaign used to hand out feathers on headbands (like this) at events. I actually remember seeing this at a parade when I was a kid in Iowa. Who knows? I may have even worn one. How retro and messed-up is that?)

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