Sugar and spice and everything hackneyed

What’s it like to be a woman? Well just ask Tom Michelson, who spent a week living as he “imagined a woman might.”
So did Michelson take a pay cut and endure street harassment? Balance work and family?
Nope. Apparently the experience of being a woman can be summed up by dieting, waxing, shopping, and scrubbing the bathroom floor. Seriously.
Just a taste of this stellar example of journalism:

I’m well into my experiment but am struggling to worry about all the things my female friends do. I must try harder to worry about my biological clock. I must try feeling anxious that I’ll never meet the right person and settle down. And I still haven’t got the hang of thinking about cellulite.

Who knew it was so easy–and so vapid!–to be a woman?

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