Cashing in on gay tourism.

Well I would rather fly the gay friendly skies, as opposed to the slut shaming ones. We all know about the popularity of gay and lesbian cruises, but Air New Zealand’s marketing department thought to take it to the next level. In celebration of the very well attended gay Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia, Air New Zealand will be flying a one time “pink flight” from San Francisco to Sydney. OK, OK, I know the gratuitous market driven corporate machine that “gay tourism” has become and all the major problems with the obsession to go after the gay dollar, but you gotta admit, this sounds pretty fun.

The flight will be modeled after an Auckland-to-Sydney trip Air New Zealand made this year for the gay Mardi Gras, according to Williams. Before that full flight, the crew put on pink feather boas and sang for its couple hundreds passengers, she said.
“Even the pilot was wearing fairy wings and got into it,” Williams said.

We can all use a little camp every now and again.
via USA Today and Queerty.

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