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Voices of the Latina Institute: Sharing the same herstory: Latinas in the US and abroad

TweetJersey Garcia, Member of Miami International Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy (MI-LOLA) Being an Afro-Latina and first generation Dominican American, I grew up knowing that many of the same reproductive justice issues affecting Latinas outside of the USA continue to plague their peers in the states. Poverty, lack of resources, violence, and no access [...]
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More trans-ignorance (veiled in anti-rape rhetoric)

TweetThis piece couldn’t be more ridiculous. While its seeming purpose of being a “calling out” of the large number of New York politicians who have been accused and convicted of rape and sexual harassment, it does anything but: Dennis Gallagher, the Queens councilman recently indicted on charges of raping a 52-year-old grandmother he met at [...]
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TweetCourtesy of Cara, check out this appalling Will Saletan column in Slate: Um, what? In the column he conflates female genital mutilation with sex reassignment surgery. (Several countries are subsidizing surgeries for victims of FGM, while Brazil now offers health care coverage for the sex-change procedures.) His little brain explodes: Aren’t these the same thing? [...]
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Voices of the Latina Institute: ¡Pa’lante! Continuing the struggle for social justice

Tweet Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, Director of Policy and Advocacy, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health I’ve heard it all: the misogynistic comments, the anti-immigrant rants, the accusations of being a ‘bleeding heart’ socialist with no pride in ‘America’. “If you hate this country so much, why don’t you go back?!� the detractors scream. “Baby-killer!�, “Spic!� “Liberal!� [...]
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A new low for Axe

TweetIt’s time for that semi-regular feature where I complain about Axe advertising campaigns. Reader Juniper alerts us to the fact that, in the latest series of ads for this disgusting cologne for the desperate, Unilever is clearly making light of hilarious issues like rape, sexual harassment, and stalking. The premise: Women are becoming sexual predators [...]
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